June little moments

To start off the summer month, we were stranded in the glorious state of Montana for a couple days. That whole story is coming in its own post soon. But here's a picture of Montana.

Both my dad and Taylor's dad came to our rescue. My pops kept referring to a "giant Jesus statue on the mountain" and I kept saying "You're completely in the wrong country. Continent, even." Finally, he pointed this out. This, kids, is actually a lady statue, named "Our Lady of the Rockies". You can read all about her HERE

The last FHE in our home was a big Russian dinner party with our friends. Have you guys ever played "Awkward" before? It's just as bad as it sounds... but in a good way! (If that's possible.) How it works is the group stands in a circle. The leader starts off and uses one of his feet to touch the person's foot next to him. That person must use the touched foot to touch his neighbor's, etc. If you fall, you're out of the game. If you say the word "awkward", you're out. This is a really great time to bust out your flexibility, because there will be people trying to make it as hard as possible. And it gets awkward. And hilarious.

This picture was taken before the game. You can tell, since people haven't warmed up enough to each other yet to be hanging out in the same circles. ;)

On the day before we left for Russia, Taylor and I spent a lot of time with his family. We had crashed there after getting home from our mini "vacation" in Montana, and his mom's birthday was only a day later. We spent her birthday eating sandwiches that were so delicious that I had to take a break from eating them. Then Hannah took some beautiful family pictures that I will have to showcase soon.

The family made up some homemade birthday cards for Sherry. Taylor's dad is super creative, and asked us to write her A Word that describes her, A Wish for her next year, and A Moment. I'm not sure why I wrote M&M.

My mom also had a birthday, but I was unable to contact her other than Facebook message for the day. :( There will be a party, for sure, upon our arrival back home.

Aurora started to walk! No pic, just be excited for her, and nod knowingly to us that our lives have changed once again.

In Russia, Taylor and I had a hard time adjusting to the new sleep schedule. One night I forced him into taking some selfies with me, until he got bored and went back to playing Pokemon instead. #Priorities.

 Please excuse this fourth selfie of me:

 Eyes are so interesting how they can reflect light and colors. My eyes are blue/green (is that called hazel?) but the light is casting them to be more a gray color. This, and the miracle of the eye in general, just fascinate me.

I love this:

When having to choose between Taylor or a hundred cats, I have to choose Taylor because he can cook.

There was this silly quiz on Facebook that I also coerced Taylor into participating. I usually scroll right past these things, but this one had potential for greatness.

Questions about your wife, as answered by Taylor

1. What is something your wife always says to you? - "No."
    C: I don't say that.
    T: Yes you do. Do you want to get up? No. Come on! No. Do you want to have fun? No.
2. What makes your wife happy? - Ice cream and chocolate.
3. What makes your wife sad? - No ice cream or no chocolate.
4. How does your wife make you laugh? - She has a good wit and says funny things at the right time when I'm not expecting it.
5. What was your wife like as a child? - She had a bowl cut.
6. How old is your wife? - Just little.
7. How tall is your wife? - 5'4'' (Not true)
8. What is her favorite thing to do? - Eat ice cream or chocolate.
9. What does your wife do when you're not around? - Reads a book, but she does it when I'm around too.
    C:You're a neglected husband.
10. If your wife becomes famous, what will it be for? - Filmmaking.
11. What is your wife really good at? - Kissing.
12. What is your wife not very good at? - Staying silent.
13. What does your wife do for a job? - Sleep isn't the right term, but I think it comes close.
14.What is your wife's favorite food? - Sleep.
15.What makes you proud of your wife? - Her hot body. Just kidding. That she is willing to work through the hard stuff, even when it's really hard.
16. If your wife were a character, who would she be? - Moses
17. What do you and your wife do together? - Eat chocolate death ice cream from Dairy Queen.
18.How are you and your wife the same?- We both have hot bodies. Just kidding, but not really. It's not my serious answer. Um, we both like     adventure and being good to people.
19. How are you and your wife different? - We're practically twins. She's a girl and I'm a boy.
20. How do you know your wife loves you? - She loves my jokes. Just kidding. She gives me very sincere compliments.
21. What does your wife like most about you? - My hot body
22. Where is your wife's favorite place to go? - Didney World.
      C: Is that your serious answer?
      T: No.
Questions about your husband, as answered by me.
1. What is something your husband always says to you? - "Come on Chaun, time to wake up!"
2. What makes your husband happy? -When I don't bug him while he's playing Pokemon games. Also, Aurora
3. What makes your husband sad? -When he doesn't get, uh, do you get sad?
4. How does your husband make you laugh? - When we play competitively against each other
5. What was your husband like as a child? - The worm-eating, wear-fake-wigs to-school kind of child
6. How old is your husband? - Like so old
7. How tall is your husband? - Meheh short, probably 5'10"
8. What is his favorite thing to do? - Spend time with his family and eat food made by his mom
9. What does your husband do when you're not around? - Edits videos, probably has a secret treat stash somewhere, probably eats rice
10. If your husband becomes famous, what will it be for? - Either his compassion towards people or for developing something super cool sci-fi worthy or a story writer
11. What is your husband really good at? - Inventing new recipes. Also making his baby laugh
12. What is your husband not very good at? - Making delicious recipes. Totally kidding! Not being grumpy when he wakes up in the morning
13. What does your husband do for a job? - Uh
14.What is your husbands favorite food? - Chips and salsa!
15.What makes you proud of your husband? - That he is such a diligent and honest person, that he loves God and always puts his family first
16. If your husband were a character, who would he be? - Stephen Meek from studio c
17. What do you and your husband do together? - We walk together. Yeah
18. How are you and your husband the same?- We like to get our ways
19. How are you and your husband different? - Taylor never loses his patience or temper (he laughed out loud at this one).
20. How do you know your husband loves you? - He performs acts of service for me a lot
21. What does your husband like most about you? - Loyalty
22. Where is your husbands favorite place to go? -Russia. Just kidding. Oregon or his parents house

We've been taking advantage of our flexible schedule to feed the missionaries in the wards we are visiting. Back home, our work schedules don't let us be home in time to feed them. I'm glad we're able to change that up here. Fingers crossed that we'll have some changes so we can serve them more often at home.

June was a good one, but I'm loving almost every minute of July so far :)

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