Love on the walls

For FHE (Family Home Evening) this week, Taylor and I did a little lesson on "Love at Home".

Setting up for family night was pretty easy. We sang the hymn Love At Home (click on link to the music and words), and then we talked about why we feel it's important to feel love in our home. If you're curious, we both agreed that the home is where the most personal growth is. We feel that it's immeasurably important for every person to feel that they are wholly loved, and that's what will drive them to be successful in their lives. Love is the most important response emotion to all situations, and that should start right at home.

It was a brief discussion, but a good one. Then we got to work on making that love a tangible thing here. By using a couple sheets of paper, I cut out 8 paper hearts for us to write on and Taylor searched for pens. Our artistic design for color was limited to black and blue, so we had no choice but to get fancy in our calligraphy. (As seen below)

The older I get, the more I realize that the walls in a living space have an impact on your daily thoughts and feelings. These walls are gallery spaces to display anything to directly impact your thoughts. Which is pretty cool, if you think about it. Back HERE I mentioned how we recently hung up pictures of our family and Christ on the walls. Now we were going to put up some more "decor" to get the love-buzz going.

So basically, we heart-attacked ourselves. It was fabulous.

Taylor and I took turns writing out little love hearts, and Arrow chose the order in which heart we hung up. By "choosing", I mean I held out the stack to her, and she tried to eat the paper closest to her mouth. Still, she felt included, I think :)

Honestly, it has been such a nice thing to see every morning when I'm washing dishes. Coincidentally, the heart with my name on it is the one right about the kitchen sink :) Not so bad to wake up to every morning. That note, and the other little hearts constantly remind me to think and feel loving thoughts to each family member.

And it sure feels good.


  1. I love that you follow the prophets counsel to hold fhe even though your family is small. I love your insight about how what is on your walls influences your daily thoughts and feelings. And I love that your sweet baby is right in the middle of it all. She doesnt understand it all but she feels your love and feels the Spirit in your home. Becky

    1. All credit goes to Taylor on that one :) But I'll pass that along to him! I hope she can feel the love. That's what will bring her up big and strong. Well, that and milk.


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