Russian Candy Chess date idea

This is a new record. Two dates in a month. Sweet mercies! If you're curious, the other cheap and unique date idea for sugar cube castles is HERE.

So here's what happened.

Taylor and I happened upon the FANCIEST chocolate shop I have ever breathed into. It was magnificent. Although it was small, they had the most creative chocolate ideas I have ever seen. And...I didn't take a picture. So I guess just think up the most creative chocolate piece you can think of, and times that by six. There was wedding cake toppers, pianos, baby carriages, cartoon designs... ranging from 6 inches to a foot. One of my favorites was a nicely decorated chocolate chess set, which inspiring us for our date that week.

For our game, we just bought a bunch of different kinds of chocolates for a chess board game from the grocery store. Obviously not nearly as pretty as the chocolate chess set we saw in the store ;) We set them up accordingly.

The tablecloth was checkered, so we didn't bother making a board.

These cookies served as our pawns:

Every piece that was captured was a prize for the enemy/date. We played a hard game, and ended up breaking even. The outcome was unplanned, but perfect. (Because Taylor is really good at chess, I was worried he would end up eating all the candy. :( )

You could do this at home with all sort of candies, like M&M's versus Skittles. Or marshmallows. Or you can have a good excuse to buy nicer chocolates you don't usually splurge on. It is date night after all.

Anyway, here you go. Go crazy ;)

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