Russian Randomities

That's about the only way to describe the content of this post. 

So here you go. Little interesting and totally random things about Russia.

1. Where's all the free stuff?

No, really. I don't mean stuff like bag swag or T-shirts ten sizes too big. I mean the little things, like plastic grocery bags. And ketchup with fries. When we first moved here, I made a fuss over paying for grocery bags. I soon stopped caring since it's only like 6 or 7 cents per bag. 

On the bright side, you don't pay taxes on food. Now THAT we should try in America.

2. This is what happiness looks like

The list of ingredients promises that "not less than 10% is real juice". Happiness comes with a catch, apparently.

3. This temple is beautiful.

{Sweetshots} is the name of my new photography business. You can find the Facebook page here.

I loved walking on the grounds here. I definitely felt a good, quiet peace about the land as we reverently walked the grounds. It felt out of place to speak in any tone higher than a whisper or murmur. It was almost jarring to see this playground just off to the side of the temple. 

I'm not sure that a kiddie playground would help keep that quiet atmosphere.

Although, I do love that it's inflatable. Those things are the best.

I don't have a head scarf (yet), so we couldn't go inside. In the temple, that's a sign of modesty for the women. I'm looking forward to visiting one of Russia's temples at a later date.

4. We bought Arrow a sunbonnet, and I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of her wearing her new hat. Luckily, I'm only blasting you with three.

5. Speaking of Arrow and ridiculous things, she is becoming ridiculously photogenic.

I don't even know how she knows what the camera is, but she immediately starts smiling when the lens are pulled out. I really hope this continues into the nice family portrait years when she's older.

6. Just a picture of a pretty park.

7. Nyello (hello) from Russia

More randomities to come.

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