An afternoon picnic with Lena

This is our good friend Lena who has taken great care of us here in Russia. She came to my aide in church to translate for me, and we've joined up on little trips around St. Petersburg since then.

We love her. Arrow probably loves her the most. (Don't let that grumpy expression up there fool you :) )

The last week of living in Russia was dedicated to having a sort of real vacation before we go home. Monday was the first day of our little vacation. The biggest highlight of our day was spending time with Lena at a mini island-park she frequented as a child.

The second highlight was this freaking delicious cake.

I'll let the pictures do the talking now.

Yet another Russian playground. They mean business, I tell you.

Locks of love on the bridge

Such a great day with great conversation, food, and friendship. We love you Lena!

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  1. So lovely! Great times, sweet memories. Love you guys, you're the best!


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