Arrow goes to the zoo

Arrow just really, really loves kitties. 

She has a special squeal and giggle reserved for these glorious creatures of the animal kingdom. It's the cutest sound I have ever heard.

Naturally, we had to go to the St. Petersburg zoo, to give Arrow her fill of cats of all sizes.

I used to be against bringing babies to zoos, aquariums, and movies, if it was for the sole purpose of the baby's enjoyment. My reasoning was that they wouldn't remember it anyway, so just wait until they're bigger. I somehow do still feel this way, but I also find myself setting aside our weekly budget for little activities like this. 

I guess even though she's probably forgotten all about the zoo by now, it was still worth it to hear her little kitty squeal.

Even if she was squealing at the empty cages.

Our Russian friend Lena came along, which was great. Lena sort of popped out of nowhere at church, and asked if I wanted a translator. Praise the heavens. (Taylor was either tending the baby, or letting me learn on my own without help. He's a tough nut that way :) ) Church once again became a building of spiritual learning, instead of 3 hours of drowning in incomprehensible sounds with Russian accents.

Anyway, the zoo. 
It was great. 

I thought it was totally weird to see ducks in Russia (they weren't in a cage, just hanging out around here). I guess I thought that was just a North American thing. Because I am an uncultured American.

Interesting thing to note: check out what the peacock's name is in European English.

Before I end this post, check out this video. On our way to the zoo, there was this man playing all these instruments at once.

And then, as soon as I snapped off the camera, he started to sing, too. What a crazy combination of talents! Too bad the camera was already turned off.

Oh, one more picture. Check out this bad boy.

What a boss.