August little moments

Oh boy. August was a hard and great one. Mostly because we had to move for the 7th time in our marriage. And this move meant leaving our new Russian home.
As far as little moments go, this was August.

We came home (not a "little moment" but still exciting ;) )

The sign made for us by my good friend Melanie

Taylor's family made a cute and funny music video for us. We had no choice but to respond.

 A little dinner party in celebration of a new (and last for one) high school year for my sisters

Which was promptly followed after with this guy's new year at school

So close to finishing those degrees!

Once we were more settled in, we started to decorate the walls with the pictures we had printed in Russia. That mirror was actually salvaged from Taylor's work. Luckily no one else wanted it, so home it came.

Another really good friend from high school came visiting from Washington. 

After talking for a few solid hours about everything and nothing, we realize we couldn't just stop hanging out. That Sunday, we made a trip up to northern Utah to visit with some of the girls we hung out with in high school. We were definitely all blessed to come to know each other in those high school days. Since then, a couple of us have gotten married. The new husbands, surprisingly, are both named Taylor.

My mom and I hosted a Favorite Things party for some of the ladies in our family. I did not take a single picture. Luckily, my aunt is great at getting pictures, so I "borrowed" this for this post. (Read: shamelessly stole them off Facebook).

Note, that face Suzy is making does not accurately represent her feelings about the party:)

A post on how to make your own Favorite Things party is coming up soon...

Finally, this ambiguous fortune:

It's not for certain, but the future MAY have a new opportunity in store. Maybe. It's just hard to tell with the economy and all.

Good month. Kudos to you if you kept up this much ;) If you write any of your own little monthly/weekly captures, please share your link below. I would love to read some more! 

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