Not your average Russian giveaway

First things first, does anyone else not know how to spell souvenir?  One thing I love about the Russian language (from what I know), it seems like most of the words follow along fairly well with phonetic spelling. Before I looked up the spelling, I was spelling it out "soo-ven-ear" with quotation marks and all. People seemed to understand what I was getting at.

Next thing: I've mentioned before that I really love giveaways and presents. I have another one, fresh from our Russian trip. We just got back last Saturday. I didn't post for a week before that, because Taylor and I wanted to focus on celebrating the wonderful Mother Russia country before heading out. Also, our internet connection went out. Seriously though. We loved our time there. Cross your fingers and toes that we can go back one day. And cross them again to win this giveaway.

Here's what's up:

The giveaway is a bundle of 1 food seasoning packet to make Plova (a Russian dish that Taylor and I ate often), 5 Russian candies, and then the gem of the mix:

We found this little guy at a glass animals booth. No one animal was the same. This beautiful little owl is one of its kind, as far as I'm aware.

I chose to do something a little different than what you might expect to receive from Russia. Instead of your traditional Soviet Union hats or nesting dolls, I thought it might be kind of awesome to get something a little unusual. I also believe you might get more excitement in experiencing cultural foods, since you'll be making it yourself. 

My goal is to be a serious writer, and I would love any positive/constructive feedback on my writing. To earn an entry in this giveaway, comment on one of the posts aside from this one. To make it even easier, you can just click on the Favorite Posts tabs up above and look at some of the works there. You can comment on multiple posts to enter multiple times. Please make sure that you have an email address attached to your name when you comment, so that I can contact you if you win!

For this next little while I will be catching up on all the Russian goodness posts, so buckle up for that kids.

I also want to include a reminder here about the Uplift Families Conference 2015, and how you can get a discount through this blog. Click here for more info.

Good luck!

Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for entering!


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