Uplift Families Conference 2015 (+ discount code)

So, I have some pretty dang exciting news for you guys.

I was asked to be a partner blogger for this conference, and I was super excited to accept. The family is so important, and I love any chance I can get to help strengthen it. 

This is my family.

There you see my cute husband Taylor, myself, and the stinking adorable Arrow rocking her Utah Utes onesie. As you can see, we are a little family. It's just us two young adults and our little Arrow girl.

When we were first married, Taylor and I had a lot of sit-downs Sunday chats about what we were planning for our future children. Back then, we thought we'd wait a couple years and then start a family. We wrote down traditions from our own childhoods that we wanted to bring into play, and wrote ideas for new traditions. Once we had those couple things figured out, we tucked those away for the future, and turned our attention back to being happy (and naive) newlyweds.

Miss Arrow made her debut only 10 months after our wedding date, which was a bit of a shock for us ;) Parenthood was thrust upon us rather unexpectedly, but we got to preparing the best we could. We sought for advice, books, and any hand-me-downs veteran parents were willing to part with. Some of my favorite parenting tips were recorded back in this post here and here.

Okay, now this is the exciting part. I want to share another resource for you, and this is something I honestly think you will enjoy. 

Utah's First Lady Jeanette Herbert announced she would be rolling out her initiative to provide helpful resources for parents and families to become a stronger unit. This is put into action with the annual Uplift Families Conference, that will be held next month. Here is the layout of the evening.

Not only are you coming to be inspired by a series of amazing people. Not only will there be great food and music. Not only will there be a time in the conference that is set aside for the desserts.

It is also only $25 for the entire evening per couple. But, I have a discount code to get you an extra $5.00 off of your ticket price.

You guys. Inspiring talks, food, music, dessert, and $20 gives you a really awesome date night.

Use discount code " hiccups2015 " to get $5.00 off your ticket. Register for your tickets here. Click here for the Uplift Families website.

Come hang out with Taylor and me at this conference. I have high hopes for the event. (And the meal, of course, but that's not why we're going ;) ) We can swap ideas and selfies together.

See you there!

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