10 Ways You Know You Married Young

I am a somewhat young wife. Ish. I'm kind of young. This past summer, I finally graduated to the stage of adulthood that allows me to be in the passenger seat while my teenage sisters drive with their permits. But those same sisters also think I'm ancient, because I'm finally catching onto the word "deuces" and what they young people call "Instagram". Other people, like the church leaders I work with, say things like "Oh my gosh Chaun. You're 21? You're just a baby. You're a baby raising a baby!"

Although being a Mormon 21 year old is no different than being an average 20 year old (average meaning all your drinks are virgin), there are some little quirks that keep this age interesting. Here are my 10 reasons how you know when you've married young. Other than the obvious that you already know your age before you were wed. 

You know you're a young wife when...

1. People guess you're older than you are, and it's still a compliment

2. This is what your TV looks like:

Not my picture, but this is the same kind of television we own. Pic via
And it will probably look that way for many more years

3. You measure the cost of textbooks by how many cans of beans you could buy.

4. Splurging on clothes means you shop at the local thrift store (although to be honest, when will we ever not shop at the thrift store? #retroisrad)

5. Spending $20-$30 on a date is a real luxury.

6. You don't feel old enough to be having children, yet here you are:

Matching outfits and socks and everything.

7. You feel very wise and mature when older friends say they don't feel old enough to be married. Other times you feel awkward.

8. When the actuality hits that you and your best friend's kids probably won't be the same ages.

9. Youth group leaders think you're one of the new kids, instead of a new leader.

10. You and your spouse set aside time to do homework together.

11. Bonus 11! You know you married young when someone says "You look so young when you got married! You look eighteen!" 

But you're quick to reassure them, "Oh no. I wasn't that young. No no. I was nineteen." Then you flash them the yolo sign or whatever the young people do.

Anything else you'd add to the list? How old were you when you got married?

Disclaimer: There are a billion different kind of young (ish) women in all sorts of stages of life. I am merely just one of them. This post is only meant in fun.


  1. I love the planning time to do homework together! I got married at 22 (turned 23 a few months later) so it wasn't really that young, but because I went to cosmetology school first, I ended up starting college right before I met Joe, so I've been in school for our entire marriage and I'm not sure what it's going to be like when I don't have homework.

    1. Haha! I bet when the weekday nights free up there will be a lot of "So... what do we do?"

  2. I just love reading your blogs Chaun!! You're a great writer! Married at 19 as well!! and had a baby at 20.... (Love that we have these things in common!) When we first moved out to NC I was at a play group some ladies in the ward were having & my age was brought up. Some of the women nearly fell on their face to hear I was 20 and had a baby! Age doesn't determine the best wife or mamma, love and commitment does. <3 If a person's an older mamma that's okay, too. Everyone has their own time table for what's best for them. Here's some I could add that I've lived through, haha:

    * You know you're a young wife when the 'pinterest perfect nursery' is not your reality. Miss matched hand me downs & gifts are what made my baby's room (not to mention she shared it with storage stuff for many yrs)
    *You live on powdered milk from your in laws food storage they so graciously gave you (and was grateful for it!)
    * Date nights consist of watching a DVD from home (or playing chess) because even the $2 theatre (and not wanting to pay for a babysitter) is too much to spend.
    *You get the comment in public standing by your husband "you two don't look old enough to be parents!"

    1. Oh gosh these are perfect! I should have included a picture of our first "nursery" which was really just the corner of the bedroom. The crib was only a couple feet away from our bed.

      And yes, definitely the part where you go "grocery shopping" in your in laws pantry. Haha!


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