Thursday, September 3, 2015

High School Senior Portraits Sale

One of the most exciting parts to coming home from Russia was to pick up photography more full time. Only 2 days passed, and I had the opportunity to shoot the beauty of this high school miss

I'm currently for hire in portrait photography. Right now is a good time to get your high school senior's portraits done with the warm summer season that still lingers (and before the holiday craze begins).

I also know that it feels like a lot of money is being thrown at the wind for all the fees for classes and new wardrobes. Because of all that, I'm offering a longer time period for a discount.

For the month of September, all high school portrait sessions will be discounted at $185*

Of course, I would love to do any other types of portrait sessions, i.e. family, bridals, just for kicks, etc. 

Contact me at for pricing info on other photography or cinematography works.

Find me on Facebook to check out the gallery here. (:

*This discount applies to Salt Lake County and Utah country. Additional locations may include a small extra fee to cover travel costs. 


  1. Love your gallery. Those shots are amazing!

    1. Thank you! That made my day. If your family lived in Utah, I would have loved to do a session with you guys. Something tells me that it would have been fun and hilarious at the same time ;)


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