High School Senior Portraits Sale

One of the most exciting parts to coming home from Russia was to pick up photography more full time. Only 2 days passed, and I had the opportunity to shoot the beauty of this high school miss

I'm currently for hire in portrait photography. Right now is a good time to get your high school senior's portraits done with the warm summer season that still lingers (and before the holiday craze begins).

I also know that it feels like a lot of money is being thrown at the wind for all the fees for classes and new wardrobes. Because of all that, I'm offering a longer time period for a discount.

For the month of September, all high school portrait sessions will be discounted at $185*

Of course, I would love to do any other types of portrait sessions, i.e. family, bridals, just for kicks, etc. 

Contact me at chauntel.jacobs@gmail.com for pricing info on other photography or cinematography works.

Find me on Facebook to check out the gallery here. (:

*This discount applies to Salt Lake County and Utah country. Additional locations may include a small extra fee to cover travel costs. 


  1. Love your gallery. Those shots are amazing!

    1. Thank you! That made my day. If your family lived in Utah, I would have loved to do a session with you guys. Something tells me that it would have been fun and hilarious at the same time ;)


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