labor day weekend

Not gonna lie, chums. I'm not exactly sure why we celebrate Labor Day in the states. Although I do like that we celebrate working by not working. Also, I really don't get why or how we can't wear white after labor. Isn't it always after labor day, whether the one today or the one last year?

Thoughts from your average uneducated American.

This weekend was really great though, and I wanted to capture that here. If you  survive the length of this post, there's a surprise for you at the end. ;)

The weekend started with a group date with the married peeps in Taylor's family to the Studio C premiere party. These pictures were shamelessly stolen from my sister in law.

The in-laws

My cute man

Mmm yes. So grateful to be a part of this family.

Sunday we were able to witness Taylor's brother be set apart in his new calling in the bishopric of his ward. He and his wife are top notch people, kids. And they haven't hit the quarter of the century yet. Which is amazing.

Monday was a busy day. My darling Hannah is a great photographer, and she had a family shoot on Monday morning. She brought me along as the lackey assistant. After chasing a dog, rattling keys for the baby's attention, climbing underneath fences, and then climbing over fences to hold up the lights, I realized that I haven't been as grateful for my assistants as I need to be. I also didn't realize just how out of shape I am. So, you know, thanks for beating me down to humility and all that, you guys.

But here are some picture practicing the lighting and whatnot.

You might notice that {Sweetshots} watermark on the picture. That, friends, is the result of my photography business. I have a separate account on Facebook with pictures and a September sale for portraits here.

Monday afternoon my family had their annual Labor Day BBQ, in which we celebrated our jobs by taking the day off.

And then these people were forced into a nice picture for Grandma :)

Woohoo! You survived. Here's your surprise. This was the most random picture I got on Labor Day:

Enjoy ;) 


  1. Sounds like a full Labor Day weekend! (Ours was spent like any other days because Phillip was working overtime all weekend! Sometimes it sucks being a grown-up.)

    1. Oh man, that's a bummer to have the hubs away for the weekend. :( Adulting is hard, that's for sure.


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