morning hike (I missed this)

To help with the adjustment of jet lag, Taylor and I got up early one morning to go on hike

Utah is the prime place for hiking, even if you live in bustling Salt Lake City (actually, it's even easier to go hiking if you live in SLC). We were pumped to see the canyon entrance unfold, and watch the mountains grow bigger and bigger.

During the drive, we noticed these hugs silk worm "webs". I have no idea what they're actually called, but man they were big.

They also appeared to be killing the trees. Which is not very eco-friendly. Or polite.

Maybe we've been away from Utah too long, but are the webs normally this thick and big? They were on a lot of trees.

Here's an unsuspecting Taylor inspecting the funky silkworm webs.

Finally we parked and explored this great piece of land.

Yes, I missed this place.

Good to be home. 


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  2. Also why does your blog care if I'm a robot or not? ;) becky

  3. I'm not sure. I think the big deal is so that we don't get random spam comments. I don't agree with that though. If a robot has something to say, let it speak!


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