Uplift Families Conference this Saturday

Does anyone know how to be the best parent ever?

I sure don't.

When Arrow was a few days old, I put up a Facebook status asking for book recommendations on parenting. I got a wide variety, and was given all sorts of advice. It was pretty great. Some of those books and advice tidbits especially intrigued me, so some were ordered on Amazon.

This one was one I really liked:

You can find the link to that on Amazon here if you're interested. (No, this isn't a sponsored post.)

Speaking of other great parenting resources, I want to put out a reminder about this conference THIS Saturday.

And also a big reminder that through this blog, you can get $5.00 your ticket price. Which is totes fabulous. Just use discount code "hiccups2015".

I am excited to be surrounded by parents and eventual parents who gather together to try to become better.

Let me know that you're coming and we can swap notes and take selfies together at the conference ;)

Can't wait!

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