A time intiniary of a college mom (Parent Week)

You'll notice in this post that there's a little baby. Before you bust your buttons in excitement (Mom), I'll say that this is a picture of Arrow when she was itty bitty. In fact, most of this post was written when she was itty bitty. In celebration of surviving motherhood just over a year now, I'll be sharing a post every day specifically on parenthood. Target group= new parents or soon to be parents. Also those unmarried childless peeps who like to read parenting articles because #overachievers. (Melanie)

Today's post is simply on the time intiniary of what my husband and I did during my first semester back at school. We had his work and full time school schedule to manage, while juggling a little baby and my first attempt at taking a class during a semester.

It begins.

12:30 PM. I meet up with Taylor at my school. If I didn't put on some eye-liner that day, I look like a well-dressed 12 year old carrying a baby and an overstuffed diaperbag. Taylor is usually carrying a giant art drawing board baggy thing (why are those things so big?) and it's easy to accidentally whack people on the buttocks with it. We're the only couple that brings their baby to school. All together, we appear as one of those over-packed, cheerful, tourist families exploring possible college options for their 6 month old baby.

12:45. After issuing regular apologies of "I'm sorry my husband hit your butt, I promise he's only into me", I'm 5 minutes late to class. I enjoy the hour long lecture on social media marketing strategy. My instructor uses words like "posh" and "frosted" and I religiously write down every word she says because I want to be her when I grow up.

1:50. Class is out late, and I meet back up with Taylor in the student rec room. We head for home. Once a week, we go grocery shopping before we reach home. Taylor tries to avoid shopping at all costs, but I beg him to join me. He's a nice guy who likes to make his wife happy (thanks babes), so he does. What should take 20 minutes takes an hour instead, because we spend forever deciding what fruits we need for our smoothies. It hurts how painfully indecisive we are.

4:00. We are finally home. I take an hour to do homework. Taylor takes his turn at 5. I start dinner. We're supposed to alternate cooking days, but my pallet has required tastes (Read: I'm a shamefully super picky eater and don't trust my man's "experiments". Plus he usually adds gross things like green beans or peppers.) and so I usually make dinner.

Soup's on at 6.

8:30. Taylor and I have a skype business meeting. Usually Taylor juggles leading the meeting and holding Arrow. I take notes and rips my split ends. Arrow cries because she wants to nap, but we keep her awake until 10 so that she'll sleep through the night.

Although some nights she's pretty smiley at Taylor
9:30. The meeting ends and we're both exhausted. We feed Arrow once more and, depending on the night, briefly dunk her body in lukewarm water. By brief, I mean instantaneously dip her in and out. At the same time. Nothing so angers the Fuss as like a nighttime bath. She's rocked to sleep and put in her crib. Taylor and I tiptoe around the room getting ourselves ready for bed as quickly as we can. 

Finally we pass out in bed, desperate for any extra minutes we'll get before the Chub wakes up for another feeding.

Tomorrow, we'll start again.

What is your daily schedule like? How do you balance school and a new baby?


  1. I love your little details, like pulling your split ends, and the quickest baby bath ever! I've thought about putting my schedule into a post, but it's so different every day :P

    1. Isn't that so true? The minute we think we have a balanced, normal schedule, life happens, and then no day is the same. For that reason, I liked to write out my busiest day, as a reminder to myself that if I survived then, I can survive now. :) I'd love to read what a day is like in the life of Amberly! Let me know if you ever post that :)


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