#Cycle2Evolve - Evolutionary Challenge to Fellow Christians

Dear friends, meet Jon.

A couple weeks ago, I met Jon on his journey to travel from Boston to L.A. on his bicycle. Kids. He is biking across the country by himself. And he's doing it to share a very unique message about Christ. (Unique as humbling, not "unique" as in a polite form to say weird or strange. Stop judging, you guys. ;) )

I asked for him to share his story here, because I found it incredible. Although I may not share all the same views as Jon, whether its specific religious doctrine or politics, I still find a good spirit in him, and I'm pleased to share his journey. Although I will not willingly take a bike ride across the United States to preach about the Savior, I am happy to add my voice that Christ was the most important and powerful man on this Earth. He was also the most humble, for no one else did what He did for all of us. I can't ever repay that debt, but I can share His love and message. And I can support others in their efforts to do the same.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Jon Connors:

Hi followers of Hiccups and Pastries,

I am currently cycling across the United States to encourage Evolution in all aspects of our society- economic, political, social and even spiritual. I was inspired to write this piece because of Chaun's request; though it may be outside the box of many modern Christian's point of view, I hope you can see how it was encouraged through my personal passion for Scripture.  As I ride across the nation, I have been putting myself in a hypnotic trance while reading Holy Books.  This is my first experiment doing this, and would love to hear your reaction (whether you agree or disagree, dialogue makes us stronger believers.)  Thanks Chaun for this opportunity.  Blessings.  

'Lastly, in the past 11 years since I have been seeking Truth, I have not openly spoke to others about Christ due to a prevalence of ‘Christian’ teachers whose actions are so far from the Word. I am evolving to the point where I am ready to preach, but only to my fellow Christians, and with that I have an evolutionary challenge for us.'  
To read the whole article, click here.

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