Denial. Absolute denial. {Arrow's birthday}

I refuse to accept that my baby isn't a baby anymore.

Nope. Not here. Not happening. She will always be my little chub. She will always babble and giggle at bunnies and love to play tag. She will always eat bread for snacks and munch on her soft blanket.

She'll never grow up. She will always be my little baby.


My frenzied denialistic mood originates from a little party we had for Miss Arrow. It wasn't really a big deal. It was only her first birthday party ever since being born. CONFESSION: I had been planning her party since July, people. July. Her birthday is in the fall. In the BC days, I thought I would never be that mom who plans weeks ahead for a child's birthday party and breaks out big decoration ideas. I was sure I was going to be the mom that provided plastic cups and plates, and we'd eat a box mix cake at a picnic table. If I was feeling "mom of the year", I might buy soda. Maybe.

Oh how actually being a parent changes you.

For my "break time" during the summer, I scoured Pinterest for baby party ideas. The more I looked, the more set I became on having the best party for little Arrow. I decided that she really must have a strawberry themed birthday party because she loved strawberries. There was no other way to celebrate. (I kid on this one. I'm not that crazed. I think.)

Fast forward a few months, and then life happened (meaning work / school / moving back to America). Suddenly Taylor and I realized we were only a week away from our baby's first birthday, and nobody in our family knew about it. That was a bit of problem. So we bust our buttons and got working. The day before the party, Taylor and I did a lot of shopping and planning this dream I had in my head. It looked an awful a lot like this:

I started to make a mashup of these two things, with the help of the friendly neighborhood Home Depot employees.


In reality, this is all what happened:

This part came out super nice with the help of hubby and my grandmother. Thanks!
The Glorious Cake
Dinner hadn't been originally planned, but suddenly we had a crowd of people coming at 5 PM so... the idea of chicken salad sandwiches and fruit was made. The cake didn't come out exactly how I'd dreamed (and it was box mixed anyway). The growth milestone board wasn't quite the finished project I had hoped for, either.

But that's all right :)

Because most of our family was able to come and spend time together celebrating our little star. Miss Arrow was pretty darn excited to see everybody.

This was my favorite part. (Aside from making memories and building family relations and whatnot)

I asked our party guests to each bring a letter for Miss Arrow to open up on her 16th birthday. Although I had planned this idea for months, I didn't get around until asking until a few days before the party. #organized So not everyone was able to bring a letter, but I was grateful to see this little stack of letters.

I really love letter writing. As much as I love photography and video, you just can't get as personal as when you write a letter to someone. (Hmm. Maybe this whole topic might end up being a blog post . . .) I am excited for Arrow to open up her little box of letters from her adoring family and hopefully that will give her some support that she needs when she reaches those hard times of being a teenager.

Taylor and I have been trying to start up a "birthday tradition" for each family member. While this could change up in the future, we are thinking we'll do a cake smash every year for her birthday.

Except she didn't even smash her first cake so...

Here's a little snapshot of life with baby right now. As I write this, Miss Arrow is flip-flopping between playing with the printer and running as fast as she can around a chair. She feels like the perfect age, I think. We're done with the nighttime feedings, and she sleeps like a champ during her naps. She's good at playing by herself in the mornings, which is perfect since that's my prime working time. She's also still quite small and still has a bit of that "baby" feel to her. Here and there she'll pop out a new word, but she's content making up her own baby babbles. We communicate with our own version of sign language, which is nice. Had I realized earlier how lazy I could be convenient it is to use sign language, I would have banked on that sooner. Arrow still drinks formula, which is really handy if we're in a rush to get somewhere. Arrow and I both love buttered wheat toast, so we eat a lot of it.

Yes, this is quite nice. Can we try to keep it this way?

Happy birthday my little love.

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