family testimony meeting

Have I mentioned before how much I love family traditions? I mean, could you tell since I've posted about them twice in a row? (oops). I think they are the bee's freakin knees. I'm lucky to have married into a family that is also very "traditional" (and also to have grown up in one).

Every year Taylor's family will meet up sometime in September or October, and will go out for an evening in the mountains. They'll play night games, eat dinner, and build a campfire. Once the hot dogs have been eaten, and the dessert is properly devoured, everyone gathers around the campfire.

This year was a little more different. It was a little more difficult. Namely because of The Chub who was happily on an adventure of exploration and danger. She was happily wading in a little stream until a responsible human named Uncle Kaeden noticed that she was very much in danger of drowning. Arrow was very much displeased when she was taken away from the water. Words like "safety" and "warmth" and "this way you won't die" mean very little to her. She could care less! In fact, she was quite angry with every person around her, until her wise grandmother bribed her with juice for never-ending love. It totally worked, and now Grandma is her favorite. I'm jealous.

Sherry looks as if she's pretty happy playing favorite.

This year's fall testimony meeting also happened to fall upon Suzy's birthday, which made for some extra fun (and extra dessert. Yaaaassss. )

Isn't she beautiful? Love her so much.
I forgot to shave. You're welcome. Just kidding! I am so sorry.

My other sister has quite the knack for the photos of graphing. (Photography.)

PC: With Flying Colors Photography

PC: With Flying Colors Photography
PC: With Flying Colors Photography
Here's the artist under my hands

Finally the time came to gather around the campfire. After some singing, (Taylor's family has been blessed with the power of speech that makes their voices go up and down really pretty-like), each person chooses to bare their testimony. Whether it be of the gospel, of family, of Jesus Christ, everyone has a little something that they love and know to be true.

Let me tell you, it feels so good to feel united in that mutual love for each other and for Jesus together.

Once the testimony meeting was over, we recuperated from the baring-of-souls by doing some camera magic:

It was the dandiest time, kids.
Can't wait for next year.

Any fun traditions that you and your family do?

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