Girls / Boys Night Out

Oh boy. This post is a little old, but I didn't want to forget all the good stuff that happened. 
Prior to leaving for Russia, Taylor and I were cramming in all sorts of family activities. Our extended family started a new tradition last year when The New Guy Kaeden returned home from Mexico. In May, the boys packed out for a campout, while we girls had a girls' night at home. We continued that little tradition this year.

(We are a "traditions" family. We love doing things together and making up new activities to do annually. I'm not sure why we get a kick out of doing them, but we love them. :)

Us girls went out to dinner together. Clearly the most important picture of the evening was of this strawberry brutally stabbed by two forks. Nobody is blaming the silverware though.

After dinner, we headed over to a paved road by a river. My mother in law is super rad, and has wanted to learn how to longboard. She asked me to bring one to our party. I got to teach everyone how to ride one of the better instruments in this world. (Although I had to do a bit of practicing myself, because #goofyrider and #longtimenoride)

Arrow is a selfie master.

Everyone was picking up the longboard really well, until my sister-in-law Suzy took a tumble down a hill... which resulted in a visit to the ER that night because of the pain.

Check out that bruising!

It's a miracle that Suzy still loves me.

While Suzy went to the ER, Hannah and I brought home probably one too many treats. Including these minion cookies with alien eyes. Then we blew up friends' phones with Snapchat videos of the cookies because what else are you supposed to be doing after midnight with cookies?

The baby fussed and fussed in her pack 'n' play until way too late into the night. I am grateful that each year we'll be switching off the kids.

The next day, we all met up together at the boys' campsite for a picnic. There we found our cute men covered in mud from a biking trail they had ridden just hours before. Honestly it looks awesome, and I'm thinking maybe next years the girls should do the same.

That's about all I have for this trip. Traditions are the best. I'm excited for next summer.

Any fun things that your family does?

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