Make Your Own $7 Paint Night Date

My man is genius at coming up with cheap and fun dates to do. I love it. Here's an easy, cheap, and creative date for my college friends #hollatmypeeps

Because we also wanted to go out to eat, we upped our budget to $20. This was made possible because of Denny's. Not only are they a cheap breakfast diner, but Denny's also has pancake puppies, and those things are bringers of joy. 

In case you want want to skip Denny's, and get right to the art making, here's how you do it:

$7 Paint Activity

Step 1: Go to Walmart and buy 2 watercolor containers
This will cost you maybe $2-3. You can get fancier paint if you want, but if you're not an avid painter, try it out with the cheaper brand. If you end up loving painting, then you can always buy nicer paint later. Right now, stick to your budget. The Crayola brand suited us just fine.

Step 2: Go one aisle over and pick up pretty canvases

This was where we "splurged". A 2 canvas pack was somewhere around $4. If you have sketch paper, you can use that instead. I don't recommend using printer paper if you don't want the water to run through and ruin your picture. A canvas was really nice to have for this part. Plus, cheap.

Step 3: Drop the children off with grandma #freebabysitter

Then check if your mother in law will let you borrow kitchen table to work on your masterpieces

Step 4: Put on some rad music and paint
In case your project finishes early... help out your date with his painting :)

BAM look what you've created!
This was probably one of my more favorite activities to date. I love our little paintings that now sit our desks in our "offices".

Have fun!
What's one of your favorite "at home" dates to do?


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    1. Amberly here is basically the queen of awesome marriage date activities! I definitely recommend heading over to her site for some awesome ideas!


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