September little moments

At the end of every month, I do a little capture on all the "little things" that happened. The post is a collection of little moments that happened that weren't quite big enough to deserve their own post, but still deserved honorable mention. Record keeping is something that I slightly obsess over.

So here we go for September's little moments.

Taylor and I went to the most gorgeous wedding reception. Like, seriously, look at this. The lighting was incredible.

(Truthfully this actually happened in August, but I forgot to include it in August little moments so...)

But we did go to an actual wedding in September.

My best friend Melanie and I attended a bachelorette party for one of our high school friends:

I love those girls. It was so good to catch up with them again.

My baby is not so much a baby any more... :( Read the post on denial here.

I'm back in college, and oh boy, it's making a hit on the planner.

And on the kitchen. (I'm ashamed to show you the kitchen in its entirety)

I refuse to even show you the car.

To relax we've been taking some some walks to enjoy that warm summer/fall air

Then there was that Uplift Families conference that I mentioned a while back:

We met up with some of the readers of Hiccups and Pastries. (AKA Taylor's parents ;) )

We sat next to this cute couple... who turned out to be Helena Lemon from the "A Gal Needs" blog. She is a sweetheart. We had a great time talking to them and learning from their parenting and career wisdom.

I was super excited about this part of the conference.


To watch the video presentations that we watched at the conference, just click on this link. (Videos are at the bottom of the post).

Living abroad in Russia for a few months meant I had gotten pretty behind on my calling as a Young Women Secretary. Look how dang thick this puppy is.

So much paper.

As a millenial, I feel obligated to recycle and be offended at the amount of paper I see being unnecessarily used. As a thrifty parent, I am delighted that all that paper entertained my child for a solid fifteen minutes. It's a tough battle of emotions. 

What were your little moments of September?


  1. Beautiful wedding reception! For some reason all the pictures wouldn't load for me, so I could only see the first reception. Also, it appeared that your dishes all fit in the sink so I think it's looking great!

    1. That would be the handiwork of my husband. His philosophy is that if it's all organized, then it's easier to clean. Never mind that the organization takes a solid 20 minutes to do. ;)


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