You guys. I'm sorry I missed yesterday's post. Although to be fair, it's like 6 am on a Saturday morning right now, so it's still practically yesterday.

I love my family. I absolutely love my husband and our little one. Although my love doesn't decrease any, I sometimes get too focused on "other things" that distract me from home. As both a small part time employee and a full time student, it's pretty easy to put all my spare thoughts into thinking about business strategy or social media marketing.

God is great at knocking me back into place when I get too lost from living in my head. He reminds me to live in the moment, instead of living for the future. This happened yesterday. When I wanted to come home and do 1,001 "busy" things, I instead felt that I should go visit my dad at work. On the way there, Taylor reminded me we were 1000 miles over needing to get an oil change. (We fail at being better car maintainers). 

My dad works at a dealership, so that was handy. But the point wasn't about the oil change, although it did make me feel like a real adult when I rolled into their building and was all like "I just need a quick oil change, but not the expensive stuff, because #collegepoor" and they were like "Please stop saying hashtag when you speak."

No, the real point was that I got to talk to my dad for a good fifteen minutes while he ate lunch. And then, from nowhere, both an old friend from high school and junior high popped out of nowhere. It was so good to catch up to them. As I left, my dad mentioned my mom had the day off work, and that she could be willing to babysit Arrow for a date night with the hubs. I was thrilled at that, because I had asked every person in my neighborhood, the children and the elderly, if they could babysit. None were available. When my mom came over, we sat on my lawn and chatted for a solid hour.

By the time she left with Arrow, I realized I had run out of time to do any of those 1001 busy work things. I had to pick up Taylor from work. As I drove through the thick rush hour traffic, I reflected on my afternoon, and was surprised to feel that I didn't feel rushed or even put out that I hadn't been able to do all the things I wanted. Instead I felt a lot more fulfilled with the personal connections I had been able to strengthen. I felt happy, for the first time that day. My family had inadvertently become my focus of the day, and I realized I wanted more of that.

About a month ago, Taylor and I attended the Uplift Families Conference, that was hosted by Utah's First Lady Jeanette Herbert. It was amazing. We left with so much goodness and felt united with so many other parents who are building their children into good people. After attending the conference, I felt rejuvenated to focus more on my family. Yesterday was a good example of how I was slipping away from that goal of mine, and I'm grateful for the reminder.

I'm sharing this with you now, because if you weren't able to make it (there was a deal on my blog that you could go with a discount), then you can still watch the presentations. All of the videos were very good, but there were some favorites. They are shared down below.

Enjoy :)

Top favorite: absolutely hilarious

Hard, but so important to know

Find the rest of the videos here

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