October little moments

Every month I do a little catch up on all the rad little things that didn't make it into the posts.

Let me start out with one of the awesome things that happened in October. Shannon from Shanndelier, (that one and only writer I've ever swap posted with) and I met up for lunch and had an awesome hang out. Now, I know stranger danger is a thing and all, but I know karate. Just kidding. I can't open a jar of peanut butter without the hubby's help. I was pretty confident that Shannon wasn't out to start random kidnappings, so I figured it'd be chill. It was. She is seriously cool. Check out her blog, and if you missed it, here's the post she wrote for Hiccups and Pastries. 

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to make appearances when you can. Go to your high school friend's reception. Click "going" on the Facebook invites to random 1 man band concerts. Show up with your toddler at a Back to the Future marathon party.

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Even if you're not so into the theme of the party (for instance, I don't like Back to the Future, #nottrendy), it's good to support your friends when you can. They'll appreciate it. 

Little shout out to my friend who hosted this party: He is awesome. He had it planned that we'd eat the same pizza in BTF #2 at the same time they were eating, and pie to match up later again. My friend's parties are always pretty darn clever, and I enjoy coming to them.

Obligatory pumpkin pictures. In case you forgot what our faces look like.

Pumpkin blowout.

These kids were selling some "homemade drawings" at the street corner in my neighborhood. At some point, the kids had some tiff, so they broke up into two competing groups. Both had these signs:

So that's how you get rich quick.

Wanting to be fair, I bought a picture from each competing group. I also saved 50 cents. #cheaptricks

Taylor and I crashed a missionary reunion, ate their food, hugged their mission president, and took home more than a fair share of cookies. 

Taylor and I had originally been invited from the more recently returned missionary who served in Taylor's mission in Russia. Taylor left at the same time as his mission president, so he never got to meet the next one. However, Taylor's old mission president is Russian, and chooses to reside there. That makes it hard to set up reunions with him and his wife. Out of pity, the new {American} mission president invited anyone from Taylor's mission era to attend.

It was only a little awkward that none of Taylor's companions showed up.
But then it was a little awesome, because we've never had the guts to crash a party before.

Speaking of party crashing, I invited myself as a third wheel while two strangers were on their first date

That's them in the bottom left corner

I used to take the train home at night, and this time my nose was stuck in a book for a long time. Long enough that I didn't realize that I had taken the wrong train, and was going completely the wrong direction home.

I was in a sketchier city, and had to figure out where to go at night that wouldn't land me in a trunk of a car. (Dramatic? Maybe. Continue reading.) While my poor husband worked on figuring out where I was, I timidly explored and searched for somewhere with lots of lighting and people. Basically anywhere that didn't look so sketchy as my train stop. I eventually found these two and sat awkwardly close by while they had dinner. I just smiled at them and chilled on my phone while they talked about their childhood years. 

Safety is in numbers, friends. I was approached by an older man at one point asking for money, but that was about it.

Sometimes my brain explodes after too much college, and I start to see things that aren't there

Not sure what was going on in this picture, but it makes me happy

Taylor and I hosted our first extended Family Home Evening, and it was basically awesome.

Those last boys are way too hip and rad to play board games (in actuality they were playing one of the worst games in this word: bean boozled.)

Finally, the big kahuna of October:

This is literally the only picture I got of Halloween. So sad. But Menchie's frozen yogurt is so delicious.

In case you were dying to know, Taylor dressed up as a TAILOR. I dressed up as a lepreCHAUN. Arrow was given her own according costume as well. (My mother said her costume was very "unique", which translates to "obviously homemade and needs a caption".)

We felt clever anyway.

Dear October, you were a great month. A busy month. Way too busy of a month. But we loved you anyway. Also, thank you for not snowing.

What little things happened during October for you?


  1. Woohoo I got mentioned! It was seriously so fun meeting up, we need to do it again soon!

    1. I agree! We also need to do that blogger meet up with other bloggers in our area! :)


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