Our "Thankful" Tree

Sometimes I get nice comments from my peeps saying that they love some of the ideas that are posted on this blog. Although those compliments make me feel warm and fuzzy for sharing goodness in this world, I have to remind those peeps that basically none of those ideas are mine. I'm going to share another really good idea today, obviously not invented in the brain that lives in my head. :) It's called a "Thankful Tree". This post might be a few days late in sharing Thanksgiving ideas, but it's also a year and 3 days ahead in preparation for the next Thanksgiving. #optimism.

This idea originally came from 71 Toes (You can click on that title to check out the site. It's literally one of my top favorites everrrr.) At the 71 Toes home, the family puts up this awesomely big paper tree. Here's what it looks like.

Pic borrowed with permission from 71toes.com
The colored paper leaves that go on the tree have something on them that a family member is grateful for. 

So big.
So awesome.
So gratitude-inspiring, right?

Naturally, as the crafty wife I aim to be, I thought I'd make one of my own. I didn't have any of that brown paper, so I used a brown paper bag. And then I attempted to make a tree.

And then that tree came out looking like a 7 fingered human hand.

For the leaves, I just used the remnants of the paper bag, and some note paper that I shamelessly "borrowed". Since it was looking sort of pathetic, I added the faux leaves that I had originally bought for our wedding years ago, but never used. #thrifty

I may need to rethink my morals on that one.

Here's our "Thankful Tree" in all its glory.

It's funky shaped. Kinda ugly. But we love it. Just like how parents love their funky and kinda ugly newborn baby. :)

I do actually love this holiday. I love gratitude and spending time with family. I love it so much that last Thanksgiving (2014), I word vomited an essay begging my peeps to not participate in "Black Thursday". It was inspired mainly because my mom and sister weren't allowed to come to our Thanksgiving meals, because their employers wanted them at their stores 12 hours early to sell freaking clothes. Because that's important.

After I posted my article, I found a Facebook page that's all about Boycotting Black Thursday. (Their name is the same title as my blog post. #twinning.) If you feel that American rebellion / fight for the families vibe burning inside you, feel free to check out the blog post or check out Boycott Black Thursday on Facebook.

If you'd rather just make your own Thankful Tree and not even worry about our highly opinionated society, that's totally acceptable and understandable too. :)

What traditions do you have for Thanksgiving?

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