the 30 Day YouTube Challenge

Sometimes, for fun, I participate in a "30 Day YouTube Channel". That's just the sort of thing you do when Social Media Marketing is your major. And by the way, when I say "for fun", I mean that the YouTube challenge has a Do or Die effect on my final grade for my social media marketing class. This same YouTube challenge is also one of the big reasons I was on a blogging hiatus. #creatingcontentdaily #wearsyouout #likepregnancy

I have actually really loved doing the YouTube challenge, because it has shown me that I'm fairly terrible at keeping promises to myself when it comes to big goals. Had I created the YouTube challenge just for myself, I probably would have put it on the back burner after, say, day #5. 

One of the not-so-fabulous parts of the challenge is that it has to be public. Which means everyone can see it, including you random people from the UK who keep spamming links to my blog. I'm not even sure how you do that. Also I'm not sure if you're even real, breathing people, or if you're just weird robots. #thisistheworldwelivein

Anyway. Youtube.

It's hard to post every day, because I'm a perfectionist, and I want every video to be amazing. Cinematography is also a major facet of my work, so there's just a little teeny, tiny pressure to make those videos look good. Which, to be honest, does not happen every day. Because making stuff every day is hard, especially when things like terrorists and cheesecake exist.

The challenge is not yet complete. There's still about a week to go. If you were interested in seeing what's already uploaded - feel free to check out my channel. It's a hard but clever title. Are you ready? It's : Chaun Jacobs.

Do not click on the Shaun Jacobs Band youtube channel. I don't know who he is, but he's clearly a faker. Don't let his thousands of views beguile.

Do click on the channel that has a picture of me looking off poetically into the distance.

To save you time though, here are some videos that are some favorites.

And this is from last night, when realizing I had forgotten to post anything for the challenge:

Sometimes, I can't even.


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