Weekly Monday Memes (on a Tuesday, I know)

Friends! Let's begin with some announcements:

I'm back! This post may or may not be the 3rd post in a row that is only about the weekly memes. That means I haven't written anything in almost 2 weeks. Or is it 3? I've never been good with numbers. That's why I write instead. :)

To excuse my long absence, let me assure you that I did not cease to exist living. Instead, things like "Emissions and oil changes" and "3 week old rotten food" and "regular & sudden doctor visits" have been very rudely interrupting my posting schedule. I'm just as upset as you are! (Unless you didn't mind the absence, then I guess I'm only mildly bothered about it.)

In case you're concerned about the doctor visits, I will explain that soon in another post. BUT DON'T WORRY WE'RE OKAY MOM THIS COMMENT IS FOR YOU.

Let's start this week with our usual business your weekly {Tuesday} memes.

1. That's when you let them "soak overnight"

2. Oh wait, there's a meme for that

3. Also Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet edition)

4. Goals: To drive away without knowing the number

5. Literally a thing


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  1. I have #5! Of course, there usually IS a child crying while I'm in the shower. Sometimes two.


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