Weekly Monday Memes

Friends, I am not always a clever person. 

Usually when I work on my blog, I'm on my laptop computer. It's a bajillion times easier to write up blog posts on a computer, than the very sad, little app that Blogger provides for the smartphone users.  I rarely look at the mobile site, so when I did look at it the other day, I was startled to realize that you friends see this boring little number:

Instead of this glorious madness:

I was mostly sad about it, because that means you guys don't see this jazz:

That's right friends, what you see on the sidebar there is a list of five memes. (Only 2 are pictured here)

And oh, it gets better.

Every week start I traverse the internet to find clever, short, clean, and hilarious memes. It's a lot of work. (No, really, it is.) It's a sacrifice of time and energy I'm willing to make for you special people. 

Because I am not a clever person, I don't know how to make this something that will show up through the mobile site. Since I am currently portraying the beauty of motherhood at this exact moment (Read: greasy hair, wearing a wet shirt from a baby bath, hungry, and watching the clock for nap time), so I'm not terribly interested in figuring out how to do it just yet.

Instead friends, this is what I will do every Monday. I will post last week's collections of funny memes, to brighten up that Monday for you, and to make sure you can enjoy the same pleasures of the laptop users. (And in case you are a laptop user, and already see the weekly memes, then you can sleep happy knowing that you're a privileged person. Think of it as a sneak preview, if you will.)

Let's start with last's weekly Monday Memes

#1: I'll be your guide

#2 If it's not too much trouble

#3 Now that you mention it

#4 Surprisingly accurate

 And #5: Shocking, yet funny

If you have any memes you want to submit for the Weekly Monday Memes, take a screenshot of it, and send it to chauntel.jacobs@gmail.com.

May your Monday morning be ever funny.


  1. HAha, but really, how did people live before the internet? If you don't know how to do something and your mom doesn't know how to do something, do you just call everyone in your address book until someone gives you an answer? So much easier to google it, search Pinterest, or "phone a friend" and ask all of social media!

    1. I have had that mental crisis before, and wondered how ever people managed their lives without the "Nighttime routines of 15 successful businesswoman" or " 10 things you never knew you could do with dishwashing soap."

      But seriously though, how did people go about humaning without google?

  2. Ugh, I can't stand the Blogger mobile template. I try really hard not to think about the user experience for people who solely use their smartphone to access my site. There is SO MUCH MORE, people. So much more.

    1. The struggle is so real here, I can't even-


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