3 blogs I read religiously

Much of my blogging inspiration comes from some pretty fabulous people on the internet. I haven't even met these people, but I want to be totes besties with them.

Here's how this works. Before you go clicking on any links, read to the bottom of the page. That way you won't accidentally miss any of the good stuff. 

These aren't in any particular order of favoritism. And they're not exactly the same kind of blog, either.

Blog fave #1 71 Toes

71TOES is a keeping it real / spiritually motivating / leadership principle all with a touch of grace type of blog. I go here to read inspiration, feel rejuvenated about the family unit, and to get really, really good ideas how to influence my family for good. Shawni Pothier is legitimately one of my top role models. The post that resonates the most with me right now is the latest update on the blog "Children for Children Concert 2015". An incredible story how this family, with the help of their community, started up a child-only performing concert. Attenders pay whatever amount, and their payment is 100% given to whatever charity the concert is sponsoring. This year, it's a Cambodian orphanage that the author and her family visited last year. I adore this idea. I want to teach my family (and myself, obvi) how to be more aware of those around me and on the other side of the world.

Blog fave #2 Unremarkable Files

Unremarkable Files is a hilarious parenthood blog, with a dash of brave Christian motivation on the side. I say "brave" because author Jenny Evans will occasionally put out a post that get people vamped up about their beliefs. (To see what I mean, check out her post "Maybe Church Isn't For You") 

One of my all-time favorite posts of hers is "Who Does Google Think You Are?". It was so great, that I had to check for myself who Google thought I was, and shared my findings here (Nice Try, Google)

Blog fave #3 It Just Gets Stranger

I don't think I know how to accurately describe this blog. It's an odd, but fantastic place to be. It Just Gets Stranger is authored by internationally & Utahn famous Eli McCann. He's probably the only person I would be my true weird self around (you know, other than the spouse, because the spouse is required to live with that sort of thing) and would admit to him that I accidentally figured out where his house was. Twice.

I'm just saying, it's not my fault I'm clever.

Absolutely, my favorite post of his (and probably ever in the history of evers) is "Snuggie Texts". And then basically any of his "Messing With People" posts.

Bonus! Blog fave #4 Vitamin C (or Chelsea Dyreng)

I love Vitamin C for the witty commentary on her life. Sometimes she's sneaky and lures me in with wit, only to trick me into learning something spiritual or thought-provoking at the end. (This happens often at It Just Gets Stranger as well.) Her take on Mormon "customs" are hilarious, and make a surprising amount of sense. Here's an example of one of those posts: "Strange Mormon Customs: How We Pray"
Okay. You're free to go. I hope you've been right-click-open-in-new-tab-ing this whole time. Go read and be inspired friends.

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