Top 10 Posts of 2015

I love to do little yearly catch ups. I love to go back through old posts and feel the energy or the emotions that our family was living during that time period. 2015 was, obviously, an insanely busy one. Taylor and I moved 4 times, including once overseas. Then we came home, and immersed ourselves in school so that we could both graduate this upcoming spring. Of course, there was our little Chub to raise and manage as she graduated from sitting up to crawling to walking and now sprinting throughout our apartment. So much has changed.

I did a quick look at what the most read posts on this blog were from this year. I thought I might gleam a little bit of what you guys like to read. Truth be told friends, I have no idea what market you are.

Take a look: 

#1 To The Boy Who Tried to Shame Me

    This post is about a run-in I had with a stranger. Don't worry, it's not as mad-sounding as you think :)

#2 The Amazing Race Family Party (+ printables to make your own)

     Aside from blogging, I really love hosting parties. Except I'm not a very clever person, so I heavily rely on the good people of Pinterest to make things happen. Taylor and I hosted an amazing race competition between our two families, who did quite a bit of travelling over Salt Lake City.  This is something I really want to do again in the future, now that we know how to avoid some kinks (I.E. unable to find a certain headstone in a graveyard that spans over a mile. Oops.)
      If you're like me, and you need help planning / creating cool things, then look up this post. I created all the cards and crap you need for the party, so you just need to print them off :)

#3 How Texting Has "Improved" Our Marriage

    This is one of my favorites. If you want to know some of the "personal" messages my husband and I share, then this is the place to find it. Other than, you know, simply stealing our phones and reading through the messages. but this is easier. :)

#4 10 Ways You Know You Married Young

       In case you wanted to know if you were young when you were married. As if your age wasn't the determining factor. :)

#5 I Understand Why You're Scared to Have a Baby

     Spoken from the heart, friends. I hoped through this post to ease some of the hearts of those who consider parenthood, but are terrified (like I was) to go forward with that decision.

#6 Moving to Russia and Q&A

     Don't let that picture of Taylor conjuring up voodoo scare you away. It literally has nothing to do with anything. This post explained what and why on earth we were packing up our family and moving to Russia. And yes, we brought the baby. For some reason, that didn't seem to get across to most that we talked to about moving.

#7 Our Little American Saboteur

     This is my favorite. I just need you to read this one.

#8 7 Things New Moms Don't Need to Worry About

      This post was written fresh from my new title of mother. (In fact, that title was only about 3 months old at the time). These things still apply :)

#9 The Kitten of Darkness

      As a cat lover, I feel ashamed to say that there are some cats that are hard to love. That is, until I met the Kitten of Darkness. After she tormented me for being pregnant, I had no trouble shouting at the masses of her cruelty.

#10 To My Sister, Now That You're Sixteen

       This is also written from my heart to my baby sister. She's pretty wonderful. Check it out.

And bonus #11: So You Think You Don't Feel the Holy Ghost

      Although this post was written back in 2014, it was recently shared by LDS S.M.I.L.E., and received tons of traffic, more than the other posts of 2015 combined. Thank you guys for sharing it! I recommend that you readers check them out as a thank you :)

After looking at all this data, if I'm to guess right, I would assume you people like a good mix of humor, some sincerity, with a dash of party. Which is nice, because that's basically the point of this blog. Maybe that should be my next tagline. :)

Here's to a new year of blogging and story telling!

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