A story of Arrow in the snow

Arrow learned one of the toughest lessons about winter this week. Turns out, your hands hurt pretty darn bad when you come into a toasty house from playing in the snow. At this time of year, you may vaguely remember those popsicle stumps at the end of your wrist once had a name, but now you can't think straight because they burn like coals with a dash of cayenne pepper when you go back inside.

Poor baby had a rough adjustment warming up those frozen stumps after playing in the snow without mittens.

Poor Mama had a rough half hour consoling the screaming chub while forcing her hands to be warmed.

Although Mama felt badly for Arrow to go through the pain, she cheered a bit on the inside that Arrow was coming to hate the snow like Mama does. Mama was sure that this experience might scar her from wanting to play outside in the cold. She hoped for it, because she's mildly selfish and would rather stay cooped up inside instead of freeze to death outside. At the very least, Arrow's Mama wanted her to dislike it until she was old enough to play outside on her own.

It was not to be. Arrow was born with the passion of her father, he who can literally spend hours in Utah's snow dumping grounds. Her heart yearned to try again. Eventually, both Mama and baby dared to venture outside. This time though, Mama came armed with masses of leggings, boots, hats, and fuzzy mittens, because it didn't make sense to make Arrow suffer once again.

This time, it wasn't such a harrowing experience.

In fact, it was pretty nice. It was almost fun. Even though Arrow ditched the mittens 2.5 seconds after she came outside.

The snow can stay, Mama reasoned. For now.


  1. My toddler did a faceplant in the snow the other day and came up yelling "AHH! EYES!!!" I was actually thrilled about this because I didn't know he knew how to say 'eyes!'

    1. Hahaha that's awesome! I can almost hear my own toddler yelling about her eyes


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