December little moments

Every month I do a little catch up on all the little happenings of the past 4 weeks. It's basically the best way to store & remove the photos from my phone, as well as give myself permission to forget everything about the past month to make room for more memories. Isn't that how the brain works??

So, December.
Here we go.

First day of December. This was what the baby thought of it.

She's been in a carseat well over a year now, but still hasn't managed to forgive us for her bondage.

On the 5th day of Christmas - I was in a commercial! A real one! Here's my view from my position as "only female extra on camera".

(They compensated me with orange juice, Krispy Kreme donuts, and eggs. Weird combo, but I'll take it.)
Here's the actual commercial (click here). I'm right in between the co-stars, poking at eggs.

My child has developed a habit of tipping her bowl into her high chair tray when she's finished with breakfast.

If I'm quick enough to catch it, sometimes I stop her from throwing the bowl, spoon, and leftover cheerios onto the floor.

I'm never quick enough.

Sometimes my family comes to visit me. 
Any when I say me, I mean "visit Arrow", because they could care less if I'm there. As far as my family is concerned, my sole gift to this world was to provide my child of wonder.

I would be offended, except she is pretty darn adorable. Especially when Papa gives her backrubs.

One of my childhood best friends brought over his girlfriend for a date night. I almost forgot to take a picture of them, until they were out the door. I shouted after them, "BEN! WAIT! WE HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE! IT'S TRADITION!" (it's really not)

But good friend Ben humored me

He is favorite. (Don't tell the others.)

My mother and I have started this super chill annual Christmas tradition of making an easy home decoration together. Last year we painted wood... things. (?) It's best desribed I painted a wood sculpture thing that looked like a bare sled and I painted it to hopefully make it pretty. It's still ugly, but you get the point. :)

This year we glittered up candles for our kitchen tables.

My entire family (minus my sister who had to work :( ) came along. Some painted while others played a confusing card game that took days to figure out. Days.

My sister Kaye made hers into a cute little snowman. She's a cutie. :)

This selfie will enhance your life

I know some people hate to read blogs that talk too much about their baby. But I've never heard that here. Because Arrow is literally perfection (or so I try to convince Taylor...). And even if she wasn't, I'd still post about her because #DIMPLESANDHAIRCURLS

Incredibly, I had almost forgotten that this happened, until I saw this picture on my phone again.

One fine evening we went to bed without any snow. The next morning, I came outside to 8 inches of snow overnight

And it kept freaking coming down all day long. 

I know that it's my own choice to live in a state where it can snow 14 inches in a single day, but come now. This is ridiculous.

On the bright side though, the snow was so bad for Utah, that work and school (mostly statewide) were canceled, and Arrow and I spent good bonding time eating the snow off the porch. 

The day of that insane snowstorm was also the day of one of Taylor's finals. He took good advantage of the extra study time.

I have to point out that he's using our card table for his studying. His actual desk is over by the window. You may be asking "but why use a card table when he has such a nice desk to study on?" Well, dear one, Taylor asked me the same thing! He even added "Why do you keep dumping your stuff on my desk? I literally built you your own space to use."

But, since Taylor is wonderfully patient, (and was on a time crunch to get the studying done), he used a table while his wife dabbled around the house, ever trying to distract herself from distracting the husband. 

Marriage can be hard friends.

My dad invited our little family to join the rest of the groupies at his work party. It's something I look forward to every year.

Mostly because of the desserts and hot chocolate bar.

Ice skating isn't fun unless you can dance to it (and of course break your butt falling on it)

We were literally the last party guests to leave the building. But you really can't turn down a free chance of ice skating.

But just before we left, we took Arrow to meet Santa.

She hated him. He didn't understand why. It was complicated.

A photographer got an amazing picture of her fighting Santa. If I can manage to get it, I will share it. You all need to see it.

I like to include both sides of Taylor's and my family, so we hosted a ladies' party in our apartment.

My third teenage sister was working again during this party. One day she'll realize that she loves us more than her job. One day.

This is a naughty or nice game I found on Pinterest.

We also made gingerbread trains (which were actually made out of chocolate cookie. #fakers.)

Taylor made that one in the back. I thought it was some wizard doing some crazy magic with his body. Taylor corrected me saying it's actually "a guy farting so hard he fell off a mountain".

Sorry ladies, my husband is taken.

There was some extended Family Home Evening my mom's family had. I wasn't really paying attention because 1. LOOK AT THIS LITTLE GUY and 2. IT'S A KITTEN

He's just the most precious little black kitten anyone could ever have. I held him every minute while we were there, until my timid sisters and cousins asked for a turn. Of course, I couldn't deny them the chance of holding the kitten. But I snatched him back whenever they didn't seem to give him the full love and devotion and attention he needed.

We took pictures together. Although it just looks like my hands developed a bit of hypothermia and curled back into my body for warmth.

I guess these fine people were there too. :)

The perfect kitten and my grandma

In NOT kitten related news, Taylor's sister called in from her mission on Christmas Eve!

Just a couple more transfers before that lady comes home :)

Christmas was a thing:

Finally, as the year came to an end, Taylor and I dropped off Arrow with her adoring grandparents, and took off for Canada.

Because where else could you possibly want to go in the dead of Utah winter?

Along the way, we stopped at the Idaho Falls Temple. 

I have this sick goal to visit every  LDS temple in the world. Although that goal may need some revision since more and more temples keep being built, and they are being built in places I've never heard of. #unculturedAmerican #justkiddingIjustsuckatgeography.

At the visitor's center, we discovered the Book of Mormon in many different languages. One of them being this:

The Navajo language?!
Incredible. From what I heard, this wasn't originally a written language until "somewhat" recently. And "somewhat" meaning from the last fifty(?) years or so ago. Maybe. I'm not very good at history either.

Then there was this Book of Mormon, written in the language of squiggles and giggles that is what some call "Cambodian"

I can't imagine understanding that language, I absolutely love it. :)

Finally, to finish off this incredible lengthy post, I'll just leave you with an adorable selfie we tried to take in front of the Idaho Falls temple.

Curse the jealous sun.

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