Deceptively Pretty

We all make mistakes in this life. Right?

We're all bound to make an error of judgement here and there. It might be eating 16 too many brownies, or choosing to blog instead of organizing the paycheck stubs that lay in a pathetic pile of papers on the counter.

Today, I realized I had made a mistake back at Walmart a couple weeks ago. For reasons I can't really explain, I chose to buy the white and orange twist string cheese, instead of going full out orange. I'm sure those colors are some flavor of cheese, but I know not what they are. Mozzarella and cheddar maybe? All I really know is that the white part doesn't taste nearly as good as the orange, and life is way too short to eat plain, boring things like mozzarella cheese instead fully enjoying the cheddar for breakfast.

I just needed to get that off my chest before writing today's post.

Today's post is actually about fashion. Specifically hair fashion. I've been particularly enjoying the world of hair fashion lately. 

Messy hair is one of those deceptively pretty fashion trends. Because before it was a thing, I didn't find it pretty. It just looked messy and unkempt. (Like the photo above) Now that everyone's doing it, I think it actually looks nice. Nice! Messy hair looks nice and pretty nowadays! I'm only waiting for the time when a messy kitchen looks just as endearing.

What a time to be alive.

(And while we're at it, has anyone noticed the partially tucked in shirt style lately? Before it was a thing, I thought it looked like you got your shirt stuck in your pants after taking a pee. It was sloppy. Now it looks cute. Except when I do it, of course. I still look sloppy. How does this happen?)

It's strange, because I remember back when a messy bun was just... messy. You didn't wear it to church (On purpose at least. You were forgiven if you did because you probably had children to dress for 9:00 church). You certainly didn't wear it for work. If you did, then it was recommended to take a few minutes in the restroom to pat down those stray hairs.

But now, it's all the rage! I am loving every minute of it! 

When I was younger, and messy buns weren't a thing, I did ponytails and braids. Every. Single. Day. My hair hung down to my waist, but I no idea how to use a curling iron, or do anything pretty. I had lots of fly-aways and stringy hairs. One time I tried taming the loose hairs with gel, and then my crush asked me why I had white crusty streaks in my hair. After that embarrassing encounter, I returned to the safety of rocking a braided rope of hair.

But then - the golden age of messy hair came along, and I rose to the cry.

I don't spend a long time doing my hair. When I plan to do a messy hairstyle, I don't brush my hair or anything like that. Obviously, I pay for it later when I want to shower, but I typically wake up minutes before I need to scramble to the train / church / school etc. It's all in the name to look authentic right? I put on a shirt, yank on the pants, and hope that the awkward tuck looks as cute and "al natural" like it's supposed to.

When my kids see my Facebook pictures from these years, they'll see the messy bun for what it's worth. They might say "Mom, your hair looks exactly the same now" and I'll agree and tell them it was pretty back in the day. Deceptively so, but pretty.

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  1. Chaun you never fail to make me smile...and you look beautiful no matter what! Waiting for our next lunch date. Becky

    1. Oh gosh it's been a while since our last date! Let's make something happen!


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