the 411 on being the oldest sister

I have a few sisters:

And for the past couple of decades, they've given me a lot of reflection on my position as the biggest and oldest gremlin in the bunch.

In fact, this conversation I had with one of them on Facebook really sums up what it's like as the oldest sister. When bad stuff happens, they come to me for help. I give advice, and they obey it. At least, that's what they're supposed to do. :)

This was the frantic call for help I got on Wednesday:

I was simultaneously impressed and horrified that she got cement in her roots. I didn't waste time asking how on earth did you manage that on accident, but went I immediately went to google and researched "how to get cement glue out of hair". I found this 'legitimate' looking response:

It really could be legitimate. But if I learned anything from elementary school and online safety, it's that bad spelling is suspicious. Also, what is seabreeze mix??

It eventually occurred to me that she probably hadn't put in actual cement in her hair. I asked to clarify what exactly she had managed to rub in the very roots of her scalp.

This was her response:

 But do you have cement in your hair?!


After more researching online and discussing options... we finally came to this conclusion:

Next time, I'll just tell her to shave it off. Because at this point, I think I'm just a person to bounce ideas off until they choose to do the complete opposite instead.

But I do love them :)

Do you have siblings? What's your relationship like with them?


  1. So, did she ever tell you how it got there?

    1. When I asked, she said, "I'm just not good with scissors".

      If you ask me, I think that leaves an uncomfortable amount of room for the imagination there.

  2. Hahahaha this is amazing. I'm the oldest but I don't have any sisters, just brothers, and they never ask me for advice because they probably already know they wouldn't have the sense to follow it.

    1. When I was a kid, my imaginary friend was a non-existent big brother named Vaughn. I don't really know how this relates to your comment, but it somehow reminded me of those days hahaha!

  3. Those texts are the exact reason I wish I had a sister!


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