January Little Moments

Every month I do a little recap on the little things that happened each month. It's only because I'm slightly obsessed with record keeping.

But first:

I need to publicly admit that I'm starting to live life as a countdown towards graduating college.

Today I woke up, got dressed, and went along to school, contentedly thinking that it was the beginning of March.

Ohhhh disappointed was I. March means that I'm only six weeks away from graduating. February means that I still have ten. January felt so long that it actually felt the equivalent of sixty days. Not a bad sixty days. It only took an eternity to pass through. I keep looking through these pictures and being surprised that they happened only a week or two ago. Seriously.

Here are the honorable mentions of January:

I officially started my final semester in my Associates Degree! Whoo!

(I've taken enough classes that would be the equivalent of a Bachelor's, but I'm trying not to think about that too much :) )

For the first few weeks, Taylor and I had a daily recap to figure out that particular day's schedule. When you have both parents in the family trying to graduate at the same time, your schedule gets stupidly crazy. Our family has chosen to not be involved with daycare, and we've been fortunate to figure out a schedule that allows for us to both be in school and be with our baby. How grateful I am for that.

I applied for BYU way back in November, and I've been anxiously waiting for the admission decision. I waited all month to hear back, but apparently the decision won't be made/announced until March.

Just another reason to be excited for March!

Winter in Utah has been kind of cold

Speaking of cold, we went to Caaaaaaanada

A post on that is coming out very soon.

I was in charge of making the birthday gifts for the girls in my ward. No big deal, except I had no idea what easy gift I could make that also wouldn't end up in the trash the next day. I got an email with this idea from Little LDS ideas literally the day after I was assigned the project. Go show that lady some love and gratitude, because she is saving butts like mine every day.

This is how our birthday gifts turned out. The girls love the EOS chapstick.

We were the recipients of hand-me-downs from the neighbors, (hashtag heck yes!), and Arrow was given this too-pink desk & chair.

Pink is a fine color and all, but there's way too much of it in this house. It's killing me.

Picking up my squad for church (AKA my sisters)

Arrow's figured out how to work this CD player.

I know what you're thinking: how do we seriously still use a CD player?

Wanna know what my parents look like? Here they are! I was dropping them off at the airport at 3:30 A-freaking-M.

And finally, I've come to realize that this expression/position isn't a temporary thing. It's the permanent pose of a social media marketer.

Do you do weekly or monthly recaps on your blog? If so, leave a link below! I'd love to check them out!


  1. Where in Canada is that?! What a beautiful picture!!! And I agree...January was forever long. It is the cold it drags things out!

  2. I love that you still use a CD player. Don't ever change!

    1. Taylor and I might look young, but we're secretly 75 years old and really don't understand how new technology works. It's a struggle living in the millennial age!

  3. I totally understand what you mean about the graduation countdown! That's where I'm at right now... counting down...

    1. Probably one day we'll get to the end of the countdown. I mean, I don't know for sure, but that's what people keep saying

  4. Probably one day we'll get to the end of the countdown. I mean, I don't know for sure, but that's what people keep saying


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