Surviving Montana

Way back in June, I briefly mentioned that en route to Canada to attend a friend's wedding, we ended up stranded in Montana for the weekend instead. (you can read that back here).

This past December, Taylor and I finished up our second to last semester of school together. It was straight up insanity making it through those final weeks. Once finished, I announced it was time to do something crazy and fun. With very little time to prepare, we started making phone calls to our beloved peeps out in Canada. Since the time of the wedding (which we never made it to in time), we still hadn't seen our friend and his new wife.

So, obviously, we had to go to Canada. What better thing could you possibly do in the dead of Utah winter, than to go to Canada!?  Arrangements were made, and Taylor and I took off on New Year's Eve, hoping we wouldn't hit any drunk drivers along the way. (We sure love playing with danger. It's kinda sorta dumb.)

Arrow wasn't accompanying us on this trip. She doesn't do well with car seats at all... and we wanted this to be a "break" before the next semester plowed us over again. She was left happily enjoying her time at home, being doted upon by all her grandparents & aunts. 

Now that we were baby-less for the trip, we took our time getting up there. One of our first stops was visiting the Idaho Falls temple. (I have an unrealistic goal of visiting every temple in the world)

More on what happened at the visitor's center back here (at the end of the post).

And then a quick stop for lunch, and continuing tradition by eating a "chocolate death" milkshake. If we wanted to stay true to road trip traditions, we would have gotten our shake from D.Q. to stay true to road trip traditions BUT you can't be picky when you're in Idaho.

And then it was back on the road.

For the first few hours, we were happy. But then we were a little bit nervous. After all, Montana was a cursed place. Last time we were here, we had had to replace our car engine after our little "vacay". Then, our Canadian friend had gotten into a full blown accident that rolled and totaled his car on Montana roads when he attempted to visit us. We were mildly apprehensive and 100% superstitious when it came to driving the Montana roads.

Eventually we crossed Montana borders, where we faced intense fog. Like, viability at less than 15 feet. Or 4.5 meters to you Canadians. (I should mention that the night before, Taylor's family watched incredible semi truck crashes. We watched this one in particular. So when that fog rolled in, we were only a little bit certain we were probably going to die on this trip.)

Luck was with us though, and the sun melted away the fog. For the rest of the way, we there was only open skies and clear roads the entire way up. Totally unexpected.

The emotions you go through when driving to Canada are surreal. First off, the sky is making crazy colors, and the camera fails you at capturing it.

Then you find yourself asking over and over "Can we possibly go any further north? Because I'm pretty sure we're hitting the Arctic Circle. We're passing the St. Petersburg longitude. I LIVED IN RUSSIA I WOULD KNOW."

Finally, finally, we came to the Canadian border. There, Taylor talked off the guard's ear, and that man just pushed us through. He didn't say specifically, but he was totally Mormon though. And a Utah Utes fan. We know our people when we see them.

Once we passed the border, we cheered and whooped like crazy persons and then cheered some more. WE SURVIVED MONTANA.

We drove in the scary darkness that is Canadian nighttime, and eventually we came up to a house... with many people inside to welcome us in.

To be continued. :)


  1. Glad you made it safely and can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip. My dad is an ER doctor and he practically bribes us not to go out on the roads on New Year's Eve because of all the drunk driving accidents he sees. Of course, now that we're not cool anymore we're in our PJs by 8:30 and not going anywhere, so he doesn't need to worry.

    1. oh same. New Year's Eve isn't even fun anymore because we're wiped out by 8:00. None of that kissing at midnight thing, no sir.

      I bet your dad has some really cool stories from being in the ER. Or horrifying. I find stuff that like grossly intriguing


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