Weekly Monday Memes... Now on Facebook! (And why you should care)


What's going on?

We're undergoing a little transition here at the blog. (I say "we" like there's a hired team here, but it's really just myself and a granola bar here.) Weekly Monday Memes will now be hosted on le Facebook page. 

Why the change?

In short: I don't like the cluttered look of the memes plugging up my home feed on the blog.

Also why: it makes me feel bad when I haven't posted anything but memes in two consecutive weeks. (I.E. Like today!) If I don't have those there, then I don't feel bad. I realize that means I'm actually avoiding the bigger problem of not posting real posts in between the weekly memes, BUT to be true to the American way, I'm going to blame the problem on something else. #Winning!

When is this happening?

Liiiiike, righ' now.

So where are you sharing memes?

Have you heard the news? We're live on Facebook! (There's that nefarious "we" again...) Now I have double the reasons to waste my life and time online. 

Why should this matter to me?

Well, I dunno. Do you like laughing? Do you have a hard time finding clean memes that are actually funny and/or aren't related to actual "cleaning" ? I sure do. To share the love, I go hunting for these types of memes, sorting through lots of the internet trash, to find gems to make you smile. It's a service that I'm happy to provide to you. :)

Join the party HERE. ← Click on that link there to find it. 

See you there!

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  1. Saying 'we' sounds tres professional. Besides, you plus a granola bar is "we." It's two separate entities, isn't it??


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