baby baby baby

About 2 weeks ago, I put up a status on my personal Facebook page. It went something like this.

"Every pregnant person I know is having a baby in July and they're all having boys. I'm only slightly paranoid I've caught 'the cold".

Before posting it though, I thought about the repercussions of posting such a status. Namely constant phone calls from my baby hungry sisters and mother thinking I was making a roundabout announcement that we were pregnant. I wasn't making any sort of announcement of any kind, and I didn't want to invite any unwelcome pestering for more babies. So I deleted the status.

About a week later, I started feeling kinda funny.  Truthfully, I really was suspicious of having caught "the cold".Those things are contagious, you know. I took a pregnancy test and then gave it to Taylor to see. His goofy, happy grin gave it away.

We (are) pregnant!

It's been a storm of emotions, because there's so much going on right now and we were waiting to have more little chubs in a few years. I really wanted to finish at BYU first but we all know how that went :) But we really are excited. Taylor especially is baby hungry. During sacrament in church yesterday, he was totally not paying attention, and instead was pointing out all the chubby babies in the room. We have no idea what the talks were on, since we spent our time waving and smiling at the chunkiest, friendliest little one directly in front of us. She was perfection. Next to Arrow, of course.

Speaking of BYU, on that post I mentioned some "top secret things [for the near future] that I can't mention right now wink wink" Having a baby was actually not one of those top secret things. It's actually referring to a job I'm [still] hoping to get, but I suppose that sort of pales in comparison to a new sweet little thing. ;)

Now, let's focus on more exciting things about the new chub's life. 

Due to arrive
Not sure. October or November? I won't know until the ultrasound later today.

Obviously no idea yet. We're actually thinking about waiting until she/he is born.

Pregnancy symptoms
No morning sickness! Holy freaking cow. I was so dang sick with Arrow that I thought I would for sure die the second round. So far, not a single sick day. Just bouts of dizziness here and there. I'm am incredibly grateful for that. However, I'm quite sore in the nursing department. That's just life when you have the bust of a man on your non-pregnant days.

What will Arrow think?  
She won't be pleased. She doesn't mind other children so long as they don't touch / talk / look at her Mama.

I know this little secret was revealed on the Hiccups and Pastries Facebook page earlier, but here's to fill the rest of you in who maybe aren't over there yet. 

I'm excited to keep this community updated with what's happening throughout this pregnancy. Everything about it has been completely different from the first round (Arrow's started out in the Emergency Room for an ectopic pregnancy).

Cheers to your Monday!


  1. Congratulations!!! :) So exciting for you guys!!!

  2. Congratulations! Your story about how you unwittingly made a not-announcement is too funny. Can't wait to hear when you're due, I think waiting to find out the gender is the BEST (we did it last time and are doing it again this time!), and so glad you aren't sick. If my pregnancies have taught me anything, it's that each one is so different from the last. And Arrow? She'll surprise you. When the time comes she'll be excellent. (I think God just makes it work that way because it has to!)

    1. Thanks Jenny! We're pretty excited. Also torn between waiting until the baby is born / Taylor surprising me with the gender announcement, since I did that last time. We have basically months to figure that out. And thanks for that encouragement! I've been "practicing" with her by babysitting neighbor's kids, and she hasn't been super happy about other kiddos borrowing my lap for storytime, but she's starting to mellow out. Maybe it'll make a difference once it's a kid that she's actually related to though :)


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