Facebook Memories are a problem

Facebook started something unfortunate. They've started doing this "Back on this day" campaign, which means they'll pull up statuses, pictures, and conversations you had  on your timeline on from exactly 1+ years ago, as long as it's the same month and day. It's been going on for awhile now, but I just realized how inconvenient it is. Namely because I was a *slightly* dramatic teenager who shouldn't have had a Facebook account until I was 18 years old.

Exhibit A, to prove my point.

Please note the two vastly different moods posted within a 35 minute time frame.

And, although it enhanced my status "technique", I didn't purposefully write in third person for the effect. That was a Facebook requirement way back in the day.

It is slightly shocking to have these "memories" up roll up in my timeline, because I really don't remember being that person who created ambiguous, angry statuses for all my 185 friends to see. In fact, I don't remember being that angry of a 13 year old.

But. The evidence clearly speaks otherwise. 

I don't have the heart {confidence} to share any more of those crazy statuses, but it's been an even  bigger problem when some of my friends find those angry, ambiguous statuses and comment on them.

Because they'll show up at the top of my current 800+ friend's feeds.

And although not all 800 people will see them, my boss definitely does. Every time.


To further poke some fun at myself, I also had this status come up awhile ago. It's far more recent, but makes me laugh at my attempt to be witty. (It's an ever going laugh, because I'm always trying to be funny, and usually it's just me laughing at myself ;)

So, the status (from when I was a bank teller) :
I have a pretty good memory, so when a somewhat familiar member comes into the bank, I remember that she works as a waitress and school teacher. What seemed random to her, I started asking questions about her waitressing job. Then upon inquiring where she worked, I realized she was nearby my home. Pretty much it was like this:
Me:'Oh that's by my house!"
Woman: "Oh yeah?"
"Yeah! I'm gonna come find you sometime!"
"Oh okay..."
"Yeah it'll be cool to see you working and stuff! grin emoticon"
weird pause/recollecting what I just said
Me: "So uh, here's your receipt. Just sign the bottom. Have a great day!"

Gotta love that "upon requiring".

I think Facebook claims to have made the "Memories" campaign to remind me that there's literal hours of cleaning up to do to purge my feed back from the 8th grade. I mean hours, because I posted more than just several times a dayIt's unfortunate that there are things like cleaning and homework and tending a family that get in the way of that Facebook purging.

What about you? What sort of dramatic posts are you willing to share?!!???!? I'd actually love to see them, and I promise to love you NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE YOU'RE A DIFFERENT PERSON NOW.


  1. I don't have FB (well, the blog does, but I personally don't) and now I'm glad! I want to burn all my old journals because they're so embarrassing, and those are just sitting in my closet for no one to see but me!

    1. I totally understand! There's an entire journal of mine that I intend to "rewrite", mostly to save the important, mundane details of like when I moved when I was 13, and then burn the original copy.

  2. I have a ridiculous amount of statuses saying "guys I might get BRACES next month!" "Still no braces. Next month tho!" "just spacers." "guys i'm really for real getting braces tomorrow!" and so on. I was a wee bit too excited about it. Also, there are a lot more passive aggressive and vague statuses than I remember posting.

    1. Just laughed out loud to this. Hahahaha. My little sister was similar that she was desperate to get glasses (like "fake bad eyesight" desperate). You can imagine how often she uses those glasses now ;)


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