February Little Moments

Every month, I do a catch up on all the little things that weren't big enough for blog posts, but were honorable mentions. Now presenting: February!

We had a "Pajama party night". Basically ate breakfast for dinner in our pajamas. It's our way of tricking our child into thinking we're having a party, but really we're just starting bed prep hours ahead of time.

No photo to show for it. Just use your imagination. It was great.

Saw old friends with old friends from my high school at our usual Sunday Cookies and Cards. 
Then we met with one of Taylor's old buds

That guy is in London right now. I just feel cool having friends who have been to London.

This was a favorite view from riding the train to school

Beautiful, beautiful Utah.

My in-laws adopted the baby for the weekend

Naturally we lived up our new life of freedom by making cookie dough, eating a couple spoonfuls, and then going to bed early, because we're still exhausted from the initial birth of our daughter.

BYU made a decision of whether or not if I was offered a place amongst their students.

Click here for that. Also this is probably one of my favorite posts this year.

Taylor and I gave talks in church, and my bestie came to listen. (And also to babysit our maniac toddler while we stood at the pulpit.)

We accidentally matched outfits but it wasn't a surprise because besties do that.

There was a photoshoot with my other sister and her date for Sweethearts


Her date was absolutely hilarious.

Arrow had her own photoshoot. She would not smile for the camera, which was totes a bummer.

Swallow Bird Photography did her photos, and I totally recommend Sammy!

Heart attack on our fridge

(I lost my SD card, so you'll have to enjoy this picture again for the sake of noticing those hearts on the fridge.)

Lately, we've been bingeing on simple FHE ideas. The week before Valentine's we covered the top portion of our fridge in hearts. It was a pleasant reminiscing experience to when we decorated our  walls in lovewalls in love back in Russia.

It was the week of social media conferences. It was slightly insane.

Conference #1: "Your Social Media Dream Job". We talked about how you make money on social media and how to charge people for your stuff. (Don't you fret dear one, I'm not selling out on this blog ;)

I got to meet with the awesome Brittany Bullen. She is one cool woman. Go check out her blog & social media kits because they are awesome. (You're welcome Brit :) )

Conference #2: L2E (Learn To Earn)

Oh wow. Just wow. My heart was bursting from love and from feeling the spirit through the different presenters. One of my favorite people was hearing from Amy Antonelli, who runs the Indian Lepers Orphanage "Rising Star". I was so enraptured through her speech that I didn't take a picture of her. Which is probably a good thing to be in the zone right there. :)

I'll have to share more of my L2E thoughts soon.

BUT you need to see this part. Probably the most exciting part of this conference was meeting Stuart Edge. Here he is, casualling fangirling over me because I'm just so famous. My celebrity life is a hard one.

Don't know who he is? You should. Here's one of my favorite videos to date.

Conference #3 L2E Saturday Event. 

This one was much more inclusive, and by the mercies of heaven, I was able to complete the qualifications in time to go. (Pretty darn sure my name was the last on the list since I came bounding in last minute). We ate breakfast from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and listened to Carol Mikita talk about her experiences in travelling the world as a semi famous reporter. There have been some harrowing experiences that were pretty neat to hear and learn from.

You'll have to excuse my constipated smile there on the end. I was so happy to be there with my sissies and my bestie Melanie who had to head out before this picture was taken.

Conference #4 Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad
(With David Osmond opening with a musical performance)

Tim Ballard came to my old high school stomping grounds and gave a speech on human trafficking. His cause is "my cause" for reasons I can't really begin to explain. I think often of these children, and pray that help will rescue them as soon as possible.

One of my biggest takeaways from his presentation was one of the easiest ways teenagers are kidnapped, aside from your typical offer candy/stuff in a van method. 

No, actually, traffickers will pose as a modelling agency and reach out to teens on Instagram (usually) and butter them up with compliments and ask them to come into their "office" for a consultation. Or something to that effect. Flattered kids come to the office, and then they don't go home.

How to tell if it's a legitimate modelling offer: By law, modelling agencies ask for your parent's contact information, to talk with them about having your face on their pictures. But all the negotiation & conversation goes between the agency and the parents.

I know as a teenager that I would have been super flattered (and with that sweet constipated smile of mine, I would have probably been a little surprised), and would have agreed to have come in. Sure, I would have told my parents where I was going. They trusted me a lot and left me to my own devices many times. So unless there was the Holy Ghost there to stop me, I absolutely would have to the "meeting" by myself, and landed myself a terrible deal.

I'm trying to get this information out to as many people as I can, so please educate your siblings, kids, or parents so that they know. Let's stop human trafficking.


Okay, that wraps it up. There was plenty more, like the boring stuff of homework assignments and exams, but literally I can't stand to look at those papers anymore, so I won't share that here. :) :)

Such a crazy month. Justmakeittograduation.

Post below if you do any regular catch ups on your blog! #FreeMarketingTakeAdvantage. :)

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