Just realized I never posted this from like four months ago. Whoops. While I try to think of some excuse why it's still kosher that I late-post this from November, here's the transformation of Taylor's old-man-liness.

We had a birthday. Taylor is a legit old man now

Look at that handsome one-year-old-and-wiser-too face

Taylor and I have been suffering from being overly & anxiously engaged in good works. Emphasis on the anxious. After a few solid months of a crazy and tight schedule, we were getting a wee bit desperate to break out and get away for a bit. So on the morn of Taylor's birthday, we packed up the car to go on a random roadtrip. We rolled a die to determine our fate. (I rolled a 4, which meant we would go east)

Moments before driving out, I came outside to this:

First, I was distracted by how handsome my husband is when he holds a shovel. Next I noticed the load of snow that was coating everything in sight.

We tried to not let that snow bother us too much, until we saw a T-Bone accident moments later on the roads. Right about then, we decided we weren't in the mood for another car accident (we are still paying off the Montana "vacation" from last summer), so we opted out of the spontaneous road trip.

But we did head east until we came to this quiet little place

Arrow's smile is perfect in that picture ^

We walked along a little nature parkway amongst some fancy-pants houses. Taylor and I admired the homes and nature, talking about everything and nothing. We also met this rad little "cat".

We named her "M'lady". We thought she's part linx or some sort of wildcat, judging by her coloring and thick, muscular body shape.

Once the body temperature in my toes was well below 32 degrees, I convinced my cute boy for lunch over at Einstein's amazing bagels.

...followed by an afternoon trip to IKEA. Taylor was the one who suggested it, which caught me by surprise. But if there's anything I've learned in this life, it's to take advantage when the husband suggests shopping before he remembers how much he hates it.

That white square he's holding is a little white dish I wanted for a center piece at our dining table. $4, friends. Decor doesn't have to be expensive.

True to form, Taylor tired quickly from shopping. IKEA is no place to bring a man who burns out easily on spending money. If you've never been to IKEA, then let me offer some advice. You literally need to plan an hour or two to get through the whole store, because no one will tell you that you can skip all the displays and go straight into the marketplace. If you're a house nerd like us, then you'll check out the displays, even though you know you can skip to the shopping section. It might make everyone grumpy BUT things like little white dishes are bringers of joy that make up for it.

After IKEA, I left Taylor to his own devices, and took the Chub grocery shopping. (I couldn't convince Taylor to come shopping with me a second time ;) 

Birthday Traditions
Every year for his birthday, I make him a "geek treat". Last year, my sister and I went full out and made him a Hobbit Hole Cake.

(I included the tutorial to make one here.)

Although it was super fun to put together, it ended up being totally wasted, since none of us like cake. Oops.

This year, I aimed for something a lot less low-key. This time around, I made him Chewbacca twinkies. They tasted like sin, although they were cute. Sort of.

Happy birthday Love :)

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