Palm Sunday snapshot

Today has been a peaceful one. I'd love to capture a snapshot of today.


I am laying on the couch, allowing the pains of a stretching belly to do their thang. Almost every night for the past week, I've woken up in enough belly pain that I couldn't sleep for a solid hour. My hunch is that my skin is just stretching like mad to accommodate a new babe. At four (!) weeks I started showing a slight bump. Only the kind I could see though. This week, now at 6, it's more prominent and noticed by my family members. I'm slightly terrified, because I gained a crap-load of weight with Arrow. 50 pounds / 22.67 kilograms, to be exact. See here for pictures. I'm terrified to be showing so early, because I'm not exactly hoping to get that big again. On the other hand, if there's more than one baby in there, then that's fine by me. :) Hopefully we'll know at this ultrasound this week, since the last one was unable to show us anything.

Arrow is stuffing her cheeks with Taylor's toast. I think Taylor had originally made himself a pre-dinner snack of toast and a couple tangerines, but somehow both of those foods ended up in Arrow's and my mouths. Arrow has spent her day playing in "her" new fedora. It's something I've kept in my costume box for years, but it's currently being claimed by the chub.

Taylor sits in the living room, writing down some personal goals in his school planner. I noticed him pacing the kitchen in search for food, but his search has been mostly in vain. I didn't go grocery shopping yesterday, opting to use that hour block of time for a nap instead, so there's not much variety in the pantry. Soon he'll probably start cooking up a dinner while I bake some banana muffins for breakfast in the morning. Tomorrow Taylor will start back at school from his spring break, and we'll be tossed right back into an insane schedule.

Earlier today:

Our car rolled back into our neighborhood around 11:30 AM from a mass family sleepover up north. With minutes to spare, we left Arrow with a sitter, while Taylor and I drove back out for the Provo City Center Temple dedication at our stake center.

I've been to a few dedications. My favorite part is always when we sing together "The Spirit of God". Maybe that's because that's my favorite hymn, but that's because the Spirit and unity of the people feel so strong while we sing it. I found it especially nice that the 150th temple was dedicated on the first day of Spring. Little things like that make me happy.

After the dedication, we arrived home to lunch, which Taylor scarfed down before dashing out the door to visit a couple families in our neighborhood for the afternoon. Sometimes I don't realize how busy Taylor is, until I get to writing it all down.

Meanwhile, at home, I laid my chub down for a nap, while I got online to plan tomorrow's family night activity. I'm teaching a lesson on money management. Just recently, I learned we'll have an extra 3-5 people showing up for family home evening, most of them of the teenage variety. That does change a lesson plan. Tonight I'll finish printing some take-home sheets, since I want those teenagers to remember what they felt / learned when they go home tomorrow.

Sundays are my favorite day. In our family, Taylor and I don't do homework, work, and generally anything "of the world". This day we try to make it an emphasis on giving back to Heavenly Father, and we do that through spending more family time together, writing in journals, playing family games, etc. We also use our Sundays for weekly planning and filling up this calendar. 

(Can you tell cats are popular around here?)

Sundays are peaceful, happy days. I'm grateful for this important day in our week. :)

This is late in the post, but for those who aren't familiar with the Spirit of God hymn, here it is performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Happy Sunday!


  1. Sorry about your belly pain. I'm in my 3rd trimester and I've been having crazy nerve pain on the top of my belly. It's numb but it also itches, burns, and tingles. It's the worst!

    1. Oh wow. That basically sounds like the worst thing ever. I assume that makes sleeping at night really rough. :( :(


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