4 Prolazy Tips to Make Life at Home Easier

I struggle with a condition called "Stress Induced Laziness". Thank you for your sympathy, it's a very serious thing. I'll be accepting freezer dinner meals for the remainder of the week.

Here's a rundown of the symptoms:
Patient overworks herself outside of home. 
Patient arrives home and collapses on couch until bedtime. 
Patient is exhausted and lets washing dishes and folding laundry slide by for weeks on end. 
Patient becomes overwhelmed and avoids chores until she cracks at 11:30 PM on a Thursday night with a "I can't handle this anymore" and cleans something.* *Tears are conditional, depending if patient is currently pregnant. 
Patient is exhausted next day. Cycle ensues.
There you have it. Stress Induced Laziness.

Luckily, for those who also struggle with this condition, help has arrived! Medicines like "relaxing" and "asking for help" or "taking a day off to help home/ help self" are available upon request. If those options are temporarily unavailable, you can try these at-home remedies.

1. Take out the middle leaf of your table

Our beautiful oak table is currently on loan from my grandmother. Which means it needs to stay pretty before it goes home. However, a table is a wonderland-load more maintenance when you've got this adorable messy creature living at home with you:

Problem: When you've got a small family and a giant table, it's overwhelming to think of cleaning the whole thing. Heaven forbid you don't have enough time to clean all six places. (Ridiculous? Totally. Actually a problem for me? Embarrassingly so.)

Add on the "stress induced laziness", and you've got a pesky problem in the kitchen. 

Solution: Just remove the middle leaf and store it in the unfinished laundry room.

Bam! Clearing the table every night doesn't feel like a big chore. 
Note: this remedy may not be effective for large families. If that's the case, use your midget laborers to help clean up after dinner.

2. Add a laundry basket in the bathroom

I have no idea what normal families do with the whole "clothes laying on floor while person showers" dealio, but growing up, my three sisters and I just dumped stuff on the floor. And let it gather until someone developed enough guilt to clean up the entire mess. With that many girls in a single bathroom, you can bet it was a constant mess.

Problem: Unfortunately, that bad habit followed me into marriage. It drove me nuts to have clothes gathering onto our little counter space. Especially the dirty undergarments. Even more awesomely, the dirty clothes are the first featured item a guest sees when they open the bathroom door.

Look, I'll even show you. I didn't even have to recreate this shot; this is purely al natural.

Solution: Add a basket to gather up the undies. When it's full, dump it into the wash with your other undies basket. Bam! Now you've got a nice tidy system of a laundry flow from the bathroom to washing machine.

3. The Living Room "Dump" Box

We are slightly messy creatures. Taylor and I like to pretend the toddler is at fault, but we're fairly messy just on our own. So, with a messy toddler, and messy, tired parents, you often get get a living room that's hard to keep up.

Problem: Using that last molecule of energy to clean up is sure to send us off into a cycle of stressed-induced-laziness oblivion. It's strangely exhausting to pick up something, leave the room to put it away, and then return for second, third, and hundred rounds more.

We could more be diligent about putting things away the first time. But then again, the toddler poses a problem of continually bringing out her toys all day.

Solution: Make an ugly Dump Box

It's exactly as it sounds. Currently, ours is this old diaper box. Very classy.

It's the adult equivalent of shoving things under the bed BUT it does keep the room looking cleaner.

4. Take out that mismatching, plastic bin in your bathroom. 

Our bathroom has a lot of cabinet space, but we have been too lazy to buy baby locks. So I've been using a dirty old bin for years to store non-baby friendly stuff.

Problem: What I didn't see on a regular basis meant it never got used. Out of sight, out of mind. So in reality, the organizing container was hoarding junk that I wouldn't touch for years. But it stayed under the pretense of being helpful because it stored tampons and bobby pins.

Such a sneaky little bin.

Solution: Minimize your stuff and consolidate your space. Adopt that minimalist attitude of throwing clutter out of your life. Either make a specific plan when to use something, or toss it out. Let me tell you right now that you won't miss the junk you throw out. (On the slight chance you do miss it, you can always buy it again.)

I wish I had taken a picture of everything I tossed out, but it was a glorious couple Walmart bags of stuff. I even found broken glass (!) that had been nestled with my hair straightener.  

Now, there will be some things you can't throw out. Like tampons. Or hair brushes. The best solution for me was to finally make good use of the towel hanger that's been sitting over the toilet for 9 months (complete with these little mismatching baskets that have been sitting around uselessly in my closets).

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Those are your 4 prolazy tips to make your life at home easier. Your stress induced laziness symptoms should be cured now. Hoorah! 

As small as these solutions are, I really have felt less stressed from having a less work to manage and more breathing space in my home.

What little things have you done to make your home life simpler?


  1. Stress-induced laziness is real! That's why I'm online right now, as a matter of fact. We have a crap basket on the landing of our stairs, so whenever I see the kids' random stuff lying around I just throw it in the basket. Theoretically they're supposed to empty it every night before bed. Sometimes it happens.

    1. No doubt we will have our own crap basket at the end of the stairs in a few years from now! We're already getting really good at filling it up and leaving it there for weeks!


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