Monday, April 11, 2016

Do yourself a favor and follow this Instagram account - @ChillMormons

Y'all know I'm Mormon. And as such, you'd probably say that I'm a "chill" Mormon, right? Right?!

Confession: I actually don't really know what it means to be a "chill" Mormon, but I love anything that makes my religion seem cool. Which it is!

I know sometimes those Mormon peeps come off as odd sometimes. They usually have big families, go to church on Sundays, and gosh darn it all, they refuse to cuss something out. Except, of course, some Mormons I know tend to have a strong word or two to say when a semi nearly knocks her off the freeway. So maybe the swearing thing is a private event.

I love to poke some good fun at myself (and the peeps I identify with 24/7), and I was overjoyed to find some other people who do the same. I was recently introduced to the official Instagram account of @ChillMormons, and friends. It is hilarious. But not Saturday's Warrior kind of hilarious. Just no.

Just look at some of these examples:
via @ChillMormons

via @ChillMormons

via @ChillMormons

via @ChillMormons
Click here to look up more of their photos on Instagram

I love my faith. And I love the people who represent it. The chill Mormons and the non-chill Mormons alike. :)

Happy Monday, good sirs!


  1. These are great! Speaking of cussing, I pulled out the dishwasher rack today and broke a piece off and the rack almost fell to the floor. Before I could stop myself I yelled, "Shoot! Crap!" And then "I sound SOOOO lame..."

  2. Bahaha!! Yes!! I just followed them!!


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