March little moments

Every month, I do a little recap on the honorable mentions of recent happenings. These are things that deserve a mention, but weren't big enough for their own posts. Fairness for all. 

Now, March:

We threw a surprise birthday party for my sister! Now she's old and finally the age she wanted to be when she was like 12.

She blew her own party though. A little more on that later though. :)

Speaking of birthdays, we surprised Taylor's grandpa on his. 

My sister Hannah is hilarious on the SnapChats.

Speaking of the SnapChats, they have this new horrifying feature. It's called "Face Swap".

Yes, Tis my face on the left side.

Most of the time I love the SnapChats, but I'm also offended at what it does to my face. 
(Also, if ya wanna, you can follow my account at @heyyochaun. If you're into that kind of thing.)

On a rare night that the baby was sleeping over at her Gma's, Taylor and I got a little cray cray and planned a whole party revolving around cookie dough. The best part of that was there wouldn't be a little person at our feet begging for sugar. Finally, we could selfishly indulge in our gluttony without sharing with the midget at home. Here's a photo featuring our excitement.

Then, we thought, what if we made cookie dough donut holes. With no child at home and wedding gifts we've never used at our disposal, the possibilities were endless!

Here's how they turned out:

Nasty, burned, greasy balls of disappointment.

Although a good reminder to use that donut hole maker of ours more regularly, because it really was a sweet gift to give. I'll have to remember that for the upcoming baby showers this summer. Because every lady and their goldfish is giving birth this summer.

(Also, March was the month I finally upgraded to an Iphone, and dropped my S3 off in better places. You'll notice that pictures will stop looking as if I dunked them in pee first before posting. Hooray!)

Taylor unearthed a Roxberry gift card from his boxes. Turns out he's had it for the past TWO years, gathering the tears of dust bunnies as it remained unused.

We should clean more often :) (Also I just love their faces)

March is important for two things: Spring Cleaning and March Madness.

One thing I enjoy participating in and the other bores me to tears.

This year got willowy wompsy though, and there was a total flip. I haven't done an ounce of spring cleaning on my own (we're nearing the end of April, here, kiddos.) and I accidentally won the March Madness bracket in the family, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone.

Proof of working together as a family: Taylor diligently scrubbing out the baby's kingdom of crumbs and milk stains, while Arrow leaned on the horn. The sound reverberated through the garage and shocked the elderly neighbors into heart attacks.

Proof of accidentally winning the bracket. It wasn't really fair, I think, since I cared the very least about it. Taylor couldn't believe his failing luck on that one.

Utah is an exciting place to live because it's a constant game of "Would You Rather" with the weatherman. Every round is like "Would you rather have one really nice day of beach warm weather and 6 days of slopping snow" or "Would you rather toggle between the AC / Heater all day, or would you have either one of those broken for the week."

One particular day I drove down to downtown SLC. The sun was shining, my Jesus music was playing, all was happy at 7:00 AM.

90 minutes later, I came back out to my car to THIS.

Slowly, but surely, I'm convincing Taylor it's time to head south.

Easter was a grand time. Easter egg hunting with a wee toddler is fun, because they like to collect things in their basket, without knowing of the treats inside.

Until, that is, they realize there are treats inside. Now Arrow definitely recognizes shiny wrappers and sugar. When she finds one hiding somewhere, I hear a "OOoooooooOOOOhhh". Every time.

Arrow and I took off on a Mama/Daughter date. I struggle to post these picture because just looking at the Chik Fil A makes me feel queasy on the insides.

 Phew. Okay. We made it. Now look at that cute baby:

The City Creek Mall in downtown SLC is pretty rad. I took the Chub to ChikFilA and the Disney Store to explore. She was fairly happy about spending the time together, but she was confused about all the hullaballoo about Disney. (I don't think she's ever seen a Disney movie.) Same here, kiddo. 

Also, about Arrow, just look at her gangster self.

She's a thug, just like her daddy.

Also an honorable mention: My sister Cambalina took me out on a sister date. She's abandoned me for the summer and it makes me very sad.

Finally, I will end this post with a word about pregnancy cravings and the food in our home.

 Nothing tastes good, and yet I want it all. The pregnant life is a hard one, my friends.

Share your weekly/monthly recaps below! (Hinty hint: free marketing here, fellas)


  1. I can relate to so many things in this post. Borscht really is the worst-looking food on the planet, but it doesn't taste bad! As I remember, it's actually pretty good. It's just so nasty-looking I think I only made it once.

    1. Oh that's a shame! I really love eating borscht. If you do that "summer around the world" thing again this summer, and if you include Russia, and if you want to make it again, I'll send you a recipe for it!

  2. More questionable laughs out loud... its okay.. people already thought I was crazy at work.

    1. Particularly the gangsta arrow and death borscht. and hannah.


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