thoughts on graduating and the "new label"

Yesterday I posted on feeling overwhelmed throughout this insane semester. 
Today's post is the PART II of all that. The happy aftermath. The epilogue. And also the prologue, since this is a new season of life I've never tasted.

My friends are babes. GRADUATED babes!

Yesterday, a friend asked me to fill out a survey on my organic eating habits. I was a potentially useless candidate on the survey since I'm too cheap to buy organic foods, BUT I did have a little happy dance at the "What's your education level?" and I got to click-as-proudly-as-ridiculously-possible on the "Associate's Degree" option.

It was a big moment for us all. 

I told Taylor all about it, and he cheered enthusiastically for me because he's a very good husband and friend like that.

Last Friday, this happened:

(Sis in law Suzy Q is featured. #SUZYGONEFAMOUS)

So many thoughts are bumbling around in my mind about it. I could right a lengthy essay on each of those things, but literally no one, including myself, would care to read it. Rather, I'll share just those honest-in-my-heart thoughts in blubs.

So. Thoughts.

+ I am SO incredibly grateful for my family who really helped us out. So many family and friends took turns during the week to watch my babe while Taylor and I were in class. And then for those people who brought over dinner when I was too sick from pregnancy / watched my baby when I needed extra sleep. People are kind.

+ I am really going to miss my college peeps and teachers. I am going to miss my school and its funky quirks. I am going to miss the regular cheese stick purchases I made in the bookstore. Also the donuts. Oh, and learning, and stuff.

+ I am relieved to be done. This semester about did me in. I don't have anxiety, but I did start to develop anxious "moments" where I had to leave a room and breathe for a little bit before returning to the situation. This happened right at the end of the semester.

+ If I'm right, I believe I'm the first in my family to graduate college, ever. A motivation to finish was to set a good example for my children, sisters and cousins. (I am the oldest grandkid on both sides.) I am hopeful that some of that hard work makes an impression on them.

+ Education is so dang important to me. I sincerely believe that if there's an opportunity to attend college, trade school, or some other form of secondary learning, then a person should take it. God made us to become like Him. That includes not just the spiritual stuff, but becoming learned and wise like Him. On a secular level, the brain has so much room to be filled up with knowledge and learning. Education makes for better opportunities and better life. Why not use that to the best advantage?

+ I have been apprehensive for post-graduation, because I've never lived life without planning to sign up for classes in a couple months. Since the BYU decline, and a new baby, and figuring out Taylor's life & dreams, I think I have about a year before going back to school for the Bach degree. That feels like a really long time. I don't really know what to do with myself.

+ It is strange to have a degree in a specific study. It feels like that's how people will label me. Since I studied social media marketing, I feel like I should be really, really good at social media marketing on my blog and Facebook and Instagram. There's this interesting balance of doing good work for clients who hire me, but then not caring about it as much for my own things. Maybe that's because I don't like to make my hobbies into a work related thing? Maybe it's laziness? Figure this one out for me, internet.

Whew. That is quite a list. It's been an emotional time! Kudos if you made it through that lengthy list. You deserve a Culver's milkshake. And a kitten. 

What was graduation like for you?! Was it hard adjusting back to life of no school or was it totally awesome? Give me some prep here, while I waste away the time wringing my hands in worry :) 


  1. Yes, since you have a degree in something people will consider you an extreme disappointment if you're not an expert in that thing. I graduated in English lit and if I haven't read one of the classics, don't know the answer to a grammar question, or can't define a ridiculous word, it's like you can feel the other person's disapproval in the air. That's why I don't tell anyone I'm an English major.

    1. Drat. I've seriously considered not even mentioning my degree on this blog, mostly for the "If you're so good at social, why have I never heard of your blog before?" conversation. Not that anyone would really say that, you know, but they'd THINK it! ;)


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