8 things from childhood

1. Quest for Camelot

One of my favorite movies was Quest for Camelot. I had a crush on the blind guy. He's still cute.

2. Other kid movies were terrifying

I did not like Disney movies. At all. I'm not even saying it to be different than everyone else.(Although maybe I am? #Millenial). I cried whenever I was forced to watch a Disney movie. Alice in Wonderland was especially bad. I hated how the parents were always dead or otherwise gone in the movies, and I was scared I might end up an orphan someday.

3. Disney set me up to be an orphan

Disney is at fault for mentally preparing me for orphanage at a young age. My favorite game as a child was to pretend I was an orphan in my parent's backyard shed. For further proof: I would literally kidnap my neighbor's cat and force him to live in the shed with me for the afternoon.

4. The best video game of all time

I loved the Legend of Zelda. Still do. So much. It's the only thing that proves my credibility as an enjoyable human being to my Taylor's kid brother. Without Zelda, Taylor's brother would think I was as fun as breathing underwater. Which, you know, he's not wrong, so it's a good thing we have LOZ to bond over.

5. I was very mature from a young age

I wasn't so much into the Barbie scene as I was into stuffed animals. In fact, my little sisters and I would play "Animals" all the time. When I turned 12 years old and much too busy doing my mature 12 year old things, I stopped playing with my little sisters. The littlest ones would complain and say I was no fun anymore. It made me feel bad. I tried to sitting them down like an adult and explained to these kids (ages 7 and 8) what growing up was like, but I think I made them cry instead.

6. The reason I wear contacts

My childhood super power was being able to read by moonlight, until it destroyed my eyesight. It's not like I wish I didn't have to mentally prepare myself every morning before I stick my eyes with plastic cuppages. It only stings 50% of the time.

7. The first journal entry I ever wrote

"Grandpa died yesterday. It was sad. Everyone was crying. I saw Kylee's underwear thru the fireplace. It was fun and funny."

-Chaun, age 8

8. The Power Puff girls almost broke my family

My sisters and I loved watching Power Puff girls. But we had a problem whenever we wanted to "play" Powerpuff Girls.

You see, there are only three power puff girls.
There were four of us.

Naturally, we picked on the youngest of our group, then 5 year old Kylee, and told her that she couldn't be a Power Puff girl. Instead, she got to be her very own kind of Power Puff girl and pick her own special power!

Some may call it natural selection, others may call it injustice against the minority. But I thought it was clever problem-solving and saved us from being grounded from playing PPG.

What's one of your quirks from childhood? Did you play with Barbies? Were you a gamer kid? Tell me everything, I want to know!


  1. Disney: Making moms cry in secret because they're always dead in their kids' pretend play since 1923.

  2. Ive never seen quest for camelot! o.O


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