Hackers and Thieves and Scams - the story of our life for the past two weeks

First- an apology for going MIA for a couple weeks.
Second- another apology because I am typing this from my phone. The blogger app is soooooo 1993 (or your choice of year that sounds outdated). Quite possibly this post will have typos and random word inserts, because that's how my iPhone parties.

okay. Let's begin.

Super log story short, I thought someone broke into my house. I heard door slam and someone rushing around upstairs like it was 1990. So rude. I would have approached the person, but I was in my pajamas, and if I'm going to end up kidnapped, I don't want to be donning Christmas themed Attire. Also, I had my child to protect, so we sat on the front lawn and watched the house. Naturally, I figured the burglar would waltz out my front door when he left. (I was also hoping to catch his disappointed face when he realized we own nothing of value #COLLEGEANDBROKE.) This was during the time when my phone was lost in a couch for 3 weeks, so I waited for Taylor to come home with his phone to call for help.

Looking back, I guess  I could have borrowed a neighbors phone.

We never did catch anyone rummaging through things, nor anything too out of place, so it's possible I misinterpreted the noises. We've been on high alert though for anything suspicious.


This was so dumb.

Turns out KSLJOBS dot com is NOT the URL to the KSL job search page. (I feel like I just shouted a lot at you.). If you link there, you'll get one of those fabulous "you have a virus!" Pages, with a phone number to call a Microsoft help desk worker. If you're clever, you'll know to not call that number. See what I'm saying here? Read: do not call the number.

I am not a clever person. I called the number.

Five minutes later, my computer was completely hacked into. The "help desk agent" had access to all my files and tried convincing me to pay a small fee of $199 while he "removed" the virus from my computer. It would only take him 50-60 minutes! What a steal!

I was suspicious the entire time, but dang, he was a smooth talker. Luckily Taylor caught on and found this exact scam on the Internet on his phone. Once he realized what was happening, he panicked and told me to turn it off ASAP. The help desk guy panicked and raised his voice (RUDE) and snapped that I needed to pay attention. We had a little dramatic conversation, and I (finally) shut down the computer and shut off the internet. 

Just waiting to hear back from the legitimate Microsoft store when the computer is all fixed up and fabulous like it once was. No major damage was done (except the hacker might have crashed my hard drive lololollol) but by the blessed mercies from heaven, all my footage from work projects have been spared and stored safely. This is why you always, always back up your stuff. And never call suspicious numbers. Obviously.


  1. Sounds like you've had an exciting few weeks! My favorite identity theft story is when someone got ahold of our credit card number and used it to make a charge to an escort service. When I called our credit card company to dispute the charge there was a long pause as the customer service person on the other end of the line figured out how to ask the question, "Is there any way that your husband might have made the charge?" Um, he didn't.

    1. Oh no!! Hahaha Taylor and I had a good laugh at the poor worker who had to ask that question


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