Taylor's Graduation Day

Next up in the line of graduates in our family was Taylor.

His ceremony started at 4:30 in the afternoon, which gave us good excuse to bumble around and laze about until we had to leave for the university. Minutes before we left, we heard a cackle of thunder.

And then rain. And then hail.

In a solid 5 minutes, this was the state of our union:

Why do we live in a state where it snows for fun?

Eventually we were forced into braving the weather, because if there are 2 things you can count on Utah for, it's that the weather will change again in 15 minutes, and that Utah drivers panic when snow gets on the road. Even though they already drove through it just 30 seconds ago. We had an hour to drive and crazies to avoid so out we went.

Here's the massive building he graduated in.

Here's a fabulous thing about Utah: everyone expects you have a big family. So, when I was saving seats for graduation, no one batted an eye when I started dumping Arrow's baby books as place-savers in nine seats. 

In fact, the family I was saving seats next to (they also were saving a large load of places) was friendly and happy to see the Chub bumbling about in the rows.

Maybe this is why we live in a state that snows for fun.

Once we were settled in, Arrow was very excited to see her Dada graduate from miles away.

So much excitement.

This was her view

We really lucked out on our seating. We didn't realize we had picked the section where the graduates would be filing in. As soon as we saw Taylor, we cheered and shouted his name like that proud big family we are. He definitely heard us, and turned to give us a wave. I teared up when I saw him. I am so proud of him for working so hard to get this far in school. As I mentioned before, this semester (and college in general) was incredibly difficult. He went through the same experience, and I think many of his classes were a lot more difficult than mine. I don't know many who would voluntarily take a biomechanics class and try to enjoy it instead of crying the entire way through. Not that I've ever done that.

Ahem. Anyway. Pictures now.

All the graduates signed this big board.

Apologies to the woman I got here at bad timing
 Look at these nerds

It was only a little cold that day.

It's not a fab picture, but this is Taylor up on the big-projector-thing-that-I-can't-remember-what-it's-called shaking hands with the dean of the college.

The ceremony lasted only an hour (!) and finally Taylor was set free from the clutches of college. Until grad school, that is. But we won't think about that right now.

We met up with family and friends at Taylor's and my favorite downtown burger place -California Burger. If you're in SLC, you need to try out them out. Just thinking of them now has me whimpering for food. (For my graduation, we went up north to Bella's Mexican Restaurant and sweet blessed mercies they were delicious.)

You'll notice there are double the amount of people here than at the ceremony. Some family members only partially support our educational dreams, but don't mind coming for the food. ;)

Congrats Taylor, you stud. Thanks for being the best there ever was.


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