A Hawaiian Birthday Mystery Dinner

The following Sunday after my birthday, we gathered the family together for one of those surprise mystery dinner parties.

When I first pitched the idea to Taylor, he wasn't thrilled about it. Quite the opposite, actually. I pressed him to figure out why he wasn't feeling the fun of it. Eventually he said something along the lines of "wanting to eat dinner like a normal person". 

What? You mean you don't want to eat rice with a toothpick?!

Still, he's a good husband and friend to me, and let me have my way on this one. :)

Since we were hosting the party on a Sunday evening, we used up our Saturday afternoon doing some serious party prep (we try to keep our Sundays low key & in line with keeping that good Gospel feeling around). That meant doing some cooking ahead of time and taste testing the desserts, obvy. Whatever couldn't be prepped on Saturday was tossed into a slow cooker during church. Usually I'm a bit crazed just before a party starts with trying to finish last minute things. Being prepared really cooled my engines and made the afternoon so much more pleasant.

When Sunday afternoon rolled around, I recruited some volunteers to help set up tables and decorations in the boiling sun. These two were good sports about it :)

It's here that I should mention that the only reason the party looked so cute as it did was because of my mother + her knack for finding adorable decor.

Once the decorations and chairs were finished, everyone was shooed back inside to fill our their menu cards. Taylor and I were dashed like madmen to set the food, and also to fight off my little turds of sisters who attempted multiple times to get sneak peeks of the dinner.

Those little turd nuggets. :)

THESE WERE SO GOOD. My grandma made these ham/fruit kabobs for the party and I am just salivating looking at this picture.

Once dinner was ready, and my sisters were locked safely inside, we set free the hungry crowd.

Love the happy expressions in these pictures.

This is the face of a man who knows he's about to eat real good

At each place setting, I left a little card of the code names and their true identities. This was the best part, as some realized they would be eating nothing for the first course except water. Others had written down all their utensils for the first round, meaning they would have to eat the rest of their food with bare hands for the rest of the dinner.

In fact, both of those very things happened to Taylor.

Arrow, on the other hand, did not mind one bit eating her pudding cup with a toothpick.

My sister in law Maren and I had to eat our BBQ chicken & rice without any utensils. She was brave and went at it with bare hands. I was less fun and used my celery as a spoon.

Towards the end of the meal, Taylor and I presented birthday cards to our mothers (who both have birthdays in June).  The cards came with a little surprise...

...Of finding out first what the gender is of the new baby! :)

I love how both of our mothers have that same sparkly blue eyes & smile.

Because we were also celebrating my birthday, I took full advantage of cajoling people into getting their pictures taken.

The turds:

The birthday ladies

Finally, by the end of the party, this is how we all felt:

Same, Arrow.


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