A sweet birthday to remember

Last week, I had a birthday. 

It only took me about five minutes to get through half of that box.

But let's start from the beginning. One fine morning, I woke up, and it was my birthday! Some day this whole 'getting old' thing might not be so exciting, but I am super loving it right now. :)

Taylor made our family a cute little breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes & (my favorite) over-medium eggs.

I had a hard time eating because I had a job interview later that morning. Luckily Taylor had made plenty of pancakes, which made a for a fabulous lunch when I got back home.

My grandma took me out shopping for some maternity clothes. Bless her kind soul. I was getting desperate.

We celebrate the birthdays in our family with a birthday tradition. Taylor's tradition is a "geek treat" (towards the end of that post linked there). My tradition is a campfire up in these beautiful canyons. As soon as Taylor was home from work, we took off for the mountains.

Just a casual cave:

Earlier in the month, I had given Taylor a list of books that I wanted as a present, and told him to surprise me with one of them. This is the one he chose:

"More Than the Tattooed Mormon" is a fantastic read. It was sometime around this point when I accidentally ignored my family and read half the book while Taylor built the campfire / kept the Chub from eating food from other picnic tables.

Overall, it was a spectacular day. I'm grateful for the love that people chose to show me.

I'm also grateful to my mom who birthed me (and her birthday was only a couple days before mine!). Thanks Mom. You deserve a high five.


  1. When I grow up I want to be like my lovely niece Chauntel! Im so happy you enjoyed your birthday. I love YOU! Becky

  2. Happy birthday. Sounds like a spectacular time.

    1. Thank you! And a happy belated birthday to you as well! :)


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